Undecided Majors Program

The undecided majors program is a transitional program that allows students who are unsure of their career choice to explore academic and career options. Students are limited to 12 semester hours of college-level course work in this program. Like all other students, individuals in an Undecided major are also assigned to an Academic and Career Advisor who helps the students choose courses that introduce them to fields in which they show interest.

Prior to the advising session, however, students are encouraged to complete the career assessment available in the “Student Success Tools” portion of MyMTC. Students are also encouraged to use their results to explore the Schools of Study and their various programs. Students in this program are also advised to take those courses that are applicable to most programs. Students in the undecided majors program should contact Academic and Career Advising to schedule appointments for academic advisement. The student may book online in MyMTC or contact the Beltline Academic and Career Advising Center at 803.738.7810 or the Airport Academic and Career Advising Center at 803.822.3388.

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