New Student Orientation is offered completely online.

If you are a new freshman, a new transfer student, or a readmit student, follow the steps in your Admissions notification to complete online orientation and schedule your advising appointment.

What will I learn in Online New Student Orientation?

Orientation will help students answer 5 important questions:

  1. Am I in the right MTC program for me and my career plans?
  2. How will I cover the cost of college, especially if I need financial aid?
  3. What does MTC expect from me?
  4. When do I need to make important decisions?
  5. When can I meet with an advisor and register for my courses?

Our Online New Student Orientation is totally free, interactive, and easy to navigate. Best of all, students will complete a career assessment as part of orientation that helps you reflect on who you are and the types of career paths and MTC programs that match your interests.

Before Orientation and Advisement

In order to participate, you must have:

  • Applied to MTC and been accepted
  • Completed your MTC placement tests and have results (Reading and Math)
  • Submitted official transcripts for all college courses and official score reports for Advanced Placement (AP), SAT, ACT, CLEP, or IB directly to the MTC Admissions.

What type of student are you?

Current/Continuing Student - A student who is currently attending MTC. Continuing students should schedule an advisement appointment.

New Freshmen Student - A student who has never attended a college or university. New freshmen students are advised after completing Online New Student Orientation.

Readmit Student - A student who hasn't attended MTC in over a year. Re-admits are required to re-apply to MTC. Re-admitted students are advised after completing Online New Student Orientation.

Transfer Student - A student who has earned credits from another college or university and is transferring to MTC with the intent to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. Transfer students are advised after completing Online New Student Orientation.

Transient Student - A student who is currently attending another college and is taking a class at MTC that they want to transfer back to their original institution. Transient students are required to apply to MTC.


MTC President Ron Rhames walking with students on campus.

Orientation FAQs

Is there a cost to Online New Student Orientation?

No. After completing New Student Orientation online, you will register for an advising session with an Academic and Career Advisor who advises students in your program of study. Advisor locations vary across the campuses. When you register for classes, that's when you will pick the campus you want to attend.

Is Online New Student Orientation required?

Yes. Online New Student Orientation is required for all new freshmen, all new transfers, and all re-admit students. You are unable to register for classes until you complete orientation. Additionally, new Dual Enrollment students will complete an orientation specific to the Dual Enrollment program. 

After I complete Online New Student Orientation, do I need to schedule an advising appointment on the campus I plan to attend?

After completing Online New Student Orientation, you will book an advising session with an Academic and Career Advisor from your School of Study. Advisor locations vary across the campuses, and advisors offer online appointments using Zoom as well. 

How will I know that I've completed Online New Student Orientation?

Once you have completed all components of orientation and achieved the required score on each quiz, you will be able to click a “Submit” button at the conclusion of orientation. You will then receive a confirmation message that orientation is complete, and you are ready to book your advising appointment.

I've completed Online New Student Orientation and have signed up for an Academic and Career Advising appointment. Now what?

You will receive an appointment confirmation e-mail in your MyMTC e-mail account. You should also receive a confirmation text message. Please review this e-mail carefully, and take the next steps outlined. If your plans change and you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance online. In addition to submitting official transcripts and score reports, please bring unofficial copies of all college work, including score reports, to your first online advising appointment.

What will happen during my Academic and Career Advising appointment?

Depending upon when your appointment is held, you may complete a 1:1 advising appointment with an Academic and Career Advisor or participate in a small group advising session. No matter the format, you will meet with an Academic and Career Advisor who will get to know you, share more about your School of Study and your program, advise you for your first semester’s classes, and provide course registration assistance. After your first session, you will be assigned to an Academic and Career Advisor — likely the same person you met with that day! Please arrive to your appointment early. At the close of your advising session, register in your courses. Then, connect with college resources including Student Financial Services.

Can I bring a guest with me to my advising appointment?

Yes. Should you decide to sign a FERPA waiver allowing another individual to join you for the appointment, you may bring 1 adult guest to the appointment (18 years of age or older). We help answer questions or concerns from a family member/supporter’s point of view. You will receive the FERPA waiver in your appointment confirmation e-mail.

What is the Virtual Backpack?

This is a free, non-credit course designed for students who want to take online courses at MTC. It must be completed successfully in order to register for online courses.