Honor Code

Midlands Technical College is committed to developing lifelong learners by creating an educational community that prepares students for the work environment, further education, and responsible citizenship. As a student, I will uphold the following:

  1. Academic Responsibilities
    • I will act honorably, responsibly, and with academic integrity and honesty.
    • I will not commit acts of academic misconduct.
    • I will be responsible for my own academic work and will neither give nor receive unauthorized or unacknowledged aid.
  2. Personal Responsibilities
    • I agree to support the mission and values of the college.
    • I commit to being actively engaged in the educational process at MTC.
  3. Community Responsibilities
    • I will be empathetic in conversations with peers, instructors, and staff understanding that mutual respect is a right, not a privilege.
    • I understand that our differences as members of the MTC community make us unique and I will engage in experiences that cultivate learning and the exchange of ideas.
    • I will uphold a safe and inviting environment for the college community by respecting college property and the property of others.
    • I will be considerate to all members and guests of the MTC community.
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