Academic Success Centers

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers tutoring and computer access to all currently enrolled MTC students. Since available resources may differ by campus, feel free to call before visiting us to confirm that the center has what you need.

Computer Access

All currently enrolled MTC students have access to computer resources for the purposes of academic computing. The availability of software packages is determined by the courses taught at the college and by the programs supported by the college’s Information Resource Management department. Available resources include productivity and development software, email, Internet, Microsoft Office products, and a wide variety of interactive educational software.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is available to assist currently enrolled students with selected courses. Students have the option to be tutored either at one of the ASC campus locations or online via Mathematics, writing, and reading are the major areas for tutoring, but tutoring may be offered for other courses as well. Please visit the Academic Success Center webpage for more information about specific subjects and additional resources.

Additional Resources

In addition to computer access and tutoring, the Academic Success Center provides a variety of materials to assist students in becoming independent learners. Available materials may include textbook supplements, anatomy models, microscopes, slides, and selected handbooks. Students are also able to print at ASC locations. For more information about print services, please visit the Academic Success Center webpage.

Locations and Contact

Airport: Academic Center (AC) Room 151 • 803.822.3545

Batesburg-Leesville: Educational Center (BLEC) Room 106 • 803.604.1639

Beltline: Learning Resource Center (LRC) Room 201 • 803.738.7871

Harbison: Theater and Classroom (TC) Room 218 • 803.407.5005

Northeast: Engineering Tech. and Science (ETS) Room 153 • 803.691.3900

Hours of operation may vary by semester. Contact the center or view the Academic Success Center webpage for current hours.

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