Consumer Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires colleges and universities that participate in federal student financial aid programs to disclose certain information to current and prospective students, and to university employees. 

Consumer Information Contacts

Midlands Technical College has designated the following staff as contacts to assist students with obtaining MTC consumer information, including a printed copy of requested consumer information documents:

  • Student and College Information Center Staff on each campus: 803.738.8324 or
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Development Services: 803.738.7805

Information by Topic

This page was developed to provide these disclosures in one coherent location. Please reference the links below for information on each of the topics listed.

Additional Information

Definition of an Academic Year

For the purpose of awarding Federal Student Aid, the definition of an Academic Year at Midlands Technical College is 24 credits and 30 weeks. The College Academic Year consists of a Fall semester and a Spring semester.

The Academic Year is part of a larger Fiscal Year that runs from July 1 through June 30 every year.

Freedom of Information Act
The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the law that allows individuals to gain access to public records. To make a Freedom of Information Act request, please contact the MTC General Counsel Joseph Bias at or 803.738.7604.

Freedom of Information Act Officer
PO Box 2408
Columbia, SC  29202

Freedom of Information Act Fee Schedule
MTC provides public documents electronically without charge as often as possible. In certain instances, the costs of searching, retrieving, or redacting will be charged in accordance with the FOIA.  If paper copies are required, MTC will charge $0.10 per standard page, plus the cost of staff time charged in accordance with the statute. MTC's General Counsel reserves the right to waive or reduce any and all fees associated with FOIA requests.


As a non-residential commuter college, Midlands Technical College does not require vaccinations as a criteria for admission and enrollment of all students; however, immunizations are required for most college health programs and for students applying to the Gamecock Gateway residential program, in coordination with the University of South Carolina. If you are a Gamecock Gateway student, you will be provided with specific vaccination requirements by the University of South Carolina as part of your housing application.  If you are admitted to a health program at Midlands Technical College, you will be provided specific vaccination information as part of the health program orientation and enrollment process.  Vaccinations must be complete prior to starting clinical practice.  Specific information can be obtained from the health program to which you are applying.

Midlands Technical College supports positive student health and encourages you to keep your immunizations current.  We encourage you to read and adhere to health information distributed by the college for meningococcal meningitis, influenza, Ebola, and other health issues that could affect you and other members of the college community.

Voters Registration Information