Student Participation in Institutional Decision Making

Midlands Technical College values the ideas and opinions of its students and encourages student participation in the governance process of the college.

Student participation in college decision making is ensured by the Student Advisory Board (SAB) President’s participation in meetings of the Midlands Technical College Commission and through student membership on college standing and ad hoc committees. Committee representation includes but is not limited to committees addressing honors, graduation, Student Development Services program reviews, student disciplinary appeals and student grievances. The student perspective on college issues is also sought through advisory review and comments from the Student Advisory Board and through college surveys and student forums at which student issues and concerns are addressed by college administrators. The Vice President for Student Development Services serves as the college’s administrative liaison to the Student Advisory Board and provides regular college updates to the board to keep them informed of college information and to seek their input as student body representatives. In addition, the SAB works in conjunction with the Student Life department to plan activities and events for Midlands Technical College students.

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