Student Responsibilities Policy

To offer the best service to our students and facilitate an environment of mutual respect and support, we have implemented the following policy for Student Responsibility.


This policy applies to all students who use the services offered by the Academic Success Center at all campus locations and for any Academic Success Center service offered online. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in a student losing access to the services offered by the Academic Success Center either temporarily or permanently at all campuses and online if applicable.



Each Academic Success Center location is staffed with a desk attendant. Students will bring all matters to the attention of a desk attendant or tutor if there are any concerns. Students are not to engage other students if there is any disruptive behavior.


Children are not allowed in the Academic Success Center.


The Academic Success Center is for the use of all currently enrolled MTC students. Students will not engage in any activity which interferes with or has a negative impact on the success of other students using the Academic Success Center. This includes but is not limited to speaking loudly in the Academic Success Center or inappropriate computer usage. Please visit the College Disciplinary Actions for Violating Guidelines for Responsible Computer Use section of the Student Handbook for more information.

In addition to this Academic Success Center Student Responsibility Policy, all users must adhere to the MTC Student Code as published in the MTC Student Handbook.

Students will adhere to all signs posted in the Academic Success Center.


All Academic Success Center tutoring services and resources are free. Computer use is also free. Students must pay for printing in the Academic Success Center.

Disciplinary Action

Students engaging in inappropriate behavior will be asked to stop the disruptive activities and be referred to the MTC Student Handbook. If the disruptive activities do not stop, Academic Success Center staff will ask the student to leave or MTC Security may be contacted if necessary. The incident will be reported to the Academic Success Center Director.


Students must be currently enrolled in the semester they wish to receive Academic Success Center services. Non-enrolled students may use the Library for computing or internet access in accordance with the Library's policy. For MTC related matters only, non-enrolled students may also use Online Services for computing or internet access.


Tutors are not allowed to help students with tests, including take-home tests, or complete writing assignments that are part of tests during tutoring sessions. Students should bring digital or hard copies of their assignment sheets, course syllabi, and/or other relevant materials that may help tutors understand how best to help during a tutoring session. Tutors may enforce limits on the length or frequency of tutoring sessions, both to accommodate other students and to encourage the development of personal study habits and independent learning, growth, and development.

Follow Up

Students should understand that the use of Academic Success Center tutoring services means that Academic Success Center staff may share information about the tutoring session with their instructors.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are not permitted in the Academic Success Center. Students must consume their food and/or drink outside the Academic Success Center, dispose of it in the trash, or place it in their book bag/purse and not take it out.


Complete any necessary forms requested by Academic Success Center staff.


Only currently enrolled MTC students are allowed to stay in the Academic Success Center.


Please place your phone and other electronic items on silent. If you receive a call while in the Academic Success Center, please leave the room to take the call.


Review all required classroom assignments prior to attending tutoring sessions. Bring assignments and textbooks to the appointment or tutoring session.


If you have scheduled an appointment please arrive on time. Unfortunately, if you are a "no-show" or late (10 minutes after your appointment time) for two appointments, we cannot allow you to make another online appointment for the rest of the semester. You can still walk-in for tutoring the remainder of the semester and utilize the tutoring appointment online again the following semester.

Signing In

All students are required to sign in at the Academic Success Center computer station before receiving tutoring. A ticket will print. Please complete and give to the tutor. This allows the Academic Success Center to understand your tutoring needs.

Staff Only

Students are not allowed in staff areas unless they have been given permission do so for a specific purpose.

For questions about this policy please contact the Academic Success Center at 803.738.7871 or