Welding Qualifications

Academic Certificate


The Academic Welding Qualifications Certificate features in-depth lecture content in isometric pipe drawings, job estimation, AWS D1.1 and API 1104 welding codes, metallurgy, advanced welding fabrication, welding repair, all position combo pipe welding, and destructive and non-destructive testing. As an accredited program, the entire certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology. 

Students will study the following processes:

  • Advanced SMAW (Open Root plate and pipe)
  • Advanced GMAW (Spray Transfer)
  • Advanced GTAW (Open Root plate and pipe)
  • Advanced Blueprint Reading (pipe assembly and fabrication design)
  • Welding Fabrication
  • Advanced Pipe Welding (Combo Pipe Welding and Stainless Steel)
  • Maintenance Welding Techniques and Applications
  • Weld Testing (NDE, Destructive Testing, and Certifications)

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Sample Program Plan and Costs

On-Campus Traditional. Classes meet on campus.
Virtual 100% online. Meets with a live instructor and classmates on specific days, at specific times. Uses web conferencing software, like Zoom.
Hybrid Some classes on campus. Some classes online or virtual.
Online 100% online. Due dates for projects and assignments. Self-paced work on your time.
Semester Course ID Course Title Classroom Online Hybrid Virtual Credits
Semester 1
(6 Credit Hours)
WLD-154 Pipe Fitting and Weldling

Pipe Fitting and Weldling

ID: WLD-154

Credit Hours: 4

This is a basic course in fitting and welding pipe joints, either ferrous or non-ferrous, using standard processes.

WLD-136 Advanced Inert Gas Welding

Advanced Inert Gas Welding

ID: WLD-136

Credit Hours: 2

This course covers the techniques for all positions of welding ferrous and non-ferrous mentals.

Semester 2
(9 Credit Hours)
WLD-228 Inert Gas Welding Pipe 1

Inert Gas Welding Pipe 1

ID: WLD-228

Credit Hours: 4

This course covers the techniques used in gas tungsten arc welding of groove welds on ferrous pipe.

WLD-142 Maintenance Welding

Maintenance Welding

ID: WLD-142

Credit Hours: 3

This course covers gas and arc welding processes used in maintenance shops.

WLD-105 Print Reading II

Print Reading II

ID: WLD-105

Credit Hours: 1

This course includes print reading, including welding symbols and their applications to pipe fabrication. Basic sketching of piping symbols, single line and double line pipe drawings, material estimating, template layout and how templates are used in pipe layouts are included.

WLD-140 Weld Testing

Weld Testing

ID: WLD-140

Credit Hours: 1

This is an introductory course in destructive and non-destructive testing of welded joints.

Semester 3
(7 Credit Hours)
WLD-170 Qualification Welding

Qualification Welding

ID: WLD-170

Credit Hours: 4

This course covers the procedures and practices used in taking welder qualification tests.

WLD-160 Fabrication Welding

Fabrication Welding

ID: WLD-160

Credit Hours: 3

This course covers the layout and fabrication procedures as they pertain to sheet metal and structural steel shapes. The course will also include shop safety and hand and power tools.

  Total Credit Hours 22
  Estimated Cost
Financial Aid
Not including fees and equipment



Welder for manufacturing, construction, automotive, and general maintenance.

Projected Job Growth


Average Annual Salary

According to EMSI data as of 2018

Where Can I Work?

  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Fabrication Companies

What’s next after I complete this program?

Further Your Training

A welder could receive additional training to become a supervisor or own their own welding company.

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