Dishonored Checks and Online Returned Items

A dishonored check is one that is returned to the college as unpaid. These checks include stop payments, insufficient funds, refer to maker, account closed and any other reason for unpaid funds. A $30 fee will be assessed for each dishonored check. Student account holders will be notified via campus email to contact the Finance and Accounting office before the item is turned over for prosecution. If restitution is not made, the returned item will be forwarded to the local solicitor’s office for collection. At this point, the college cannot accept payment from the student. The solicitor’s office will be responsible for collecting payment. Once warrants are issued, they cannot be withdrawn by the college. Future payments to the college cannot be made by check – only payments by cash, credit card or money order will be accepted. Students will not be allowed to register or receive transcripts until the dishonored check is paid in full.

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