Criminal Background Checks

On May 14, 2002, the Governor of South Carolina signed the “Criminal Records Checks of Direct Care Staff” into law, effective July 1, 2002. This law requires that background checks be conducted on all individuals who provide direct patient care to residents of nursing homes, day care facilities for adults, home health agencies or community residential care facilities. This law affects students in MTC Nursing, Health Science and Human Services programs who become direct caregivers once employed in a direct care position. For anyone employed as a direct caregiver, the law requires a SLED check for individuals who can prove they have been an S.C. resident for the past 12 months and an FBI check for out-of-state residents.

In addition, the South Carolina Hospital Association has determined that a criminal records check is required for all students prior to progression into the Health Science and Nursing clinical courses in designated programs. Conviction of certain crimes may make a student ineligible to apply for licensure, ineligible to take certification exams, and/or ineligible to apply for employment in certain fields. Students and applicants should reference DHEC information and talk with the program director or designee regarding questions of eligibility. Also, many health care facilities require employees and/or participants in clinical rotations to take drug tests. Students may be subject to drug testing in accordance with facility policy. For more information, go the DHEC website at

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, which went into effect in October 2002, requires all campuses to keep a registry of convicted sex offenders who enroll in classes or work on campus.  Convicted sexual offenders enrolled or working at Midlands Technical College are require to register with the Sheriff's Department in the county of their residence.  The student or employee must inform the Sheriff's Department that they are enrolled or working at MTC.  The MTC student or employee must also register with the MTC Police Department.  

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