To receive a text message and/or email during a crisis event at the college, students must sign up with the college’s emergency text-messaging system by using the link to MTC ALERTS found under the Services and Links section on MyMTC Student home page.

The MTC emergency number is 803.738.7199 (if calling from a cell phone or off-campus) or 7199 from an on-campus phone.

The MTC Campus Police should be notified in the event of any accident, illness or other incident that occurs on campus, including theft or vandalism. Midlands Technical College is not responsible for any theft or vandalism of personal property anywhere on college premises.

The Midlands Technical College’s Annual Safety and Security Report required by the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 is available online at: WWW.MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/sites/default/files/mtc/about/AnnualSecurityReport.pdf or available upon request in the Student Life Office. A link to the annual report is sent to students’ MyMTC email accounts each fall semester. Applicants are notified of this report’s availability on the admissions application form and on the college’s website. Emergency notifications and timely warnings required under the act are posted on the college’s text alert system. Other methods of communication may include email, emergency sirens and teacher station pop-up messages.

The primary goal of college security services is to reinforce the safety and security of the campus environment. To uphold this goal, campus security officers regularly patrol and monitor the campus environment. Identification checks are a routine practice in monitoring and maintaining a positive campus environment. To further safeguard the college environment, video surveillance devices are used throughout the campus, and signs notifying students of this surveillance are posted. Call boxes have also been placed in campus parking lots.

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