Steps for Student Grievance Procedure

Step 1

Student may attempt to resolve the matter with faculty/staff where complaint originated – within 15 instructional weekdays of occurrence.

Step 2 (if unresolved at Step 1)
  1. Student files grievance in writing with Director of Student Affairs within 15 instructional weekdays of occurrence.
    Student Grievance Form
  2. Director of Student Affairs acknowledges receipt of grievance within 2 instructional weekdays and forwards grievance to immediate supervisor of faculty/staff – copy to VP for Student Development Services (VP SDS).
  3. Supervisor investigates/consults with employee, student, and unit’s appropriate senior-level administrator, with response mailed to student within 10 instructional weekdays – copy to VP SDS and Director of Student Affairs
Step 3 (if unresolved at Step 2)
  1. If not satisfied, student responds within 7 instructional weekdays to Director of Student Affairs, requesting in writing, to appear before the Student Grievance Committee. Student’s request must include the original written complaint, supervisor’s response, and statement describing why the supervisor’s response is not satisfactory.
  2. Director of Student Affairs notifies VP SDS or designee within 2 instructional weekdays – VP SDS organizes committee and forwards appeal to committee members, employee, student, employee’s supervisor, and Director of Student Affairs. Employee against whom the grievance is filed may submit a written response to the hearing request to the VP SDS prior to the hearing.
  3. Within 21 instructional weekdays of receipt of appeal, committee conducts hearing and renders decision within 2 instructional weekdays – copy to involved parties, Director of Student Affairs and VP SDS.
Step 4 (if unresolved at Step 3)
  1. If not satisfied, either party may appeal in writing to the President within 10 instructional weekdays. The request must provide a statement describing why the committee’s decision was not satisfactory.
  2. President reviews and renders final decision within 10 instructional weekdays – copy to involved parties, supervisor, VP SDS and the Director of Student Affairs. President’s decision may not be appealed or grieved. End of grievance process*

*Note: Student may terminate this process at any point.

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