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Midlands Technical College provides assessment and proctoring services to all students, faculty, staff, the local community, educational institutions, and local businesses.  Most assessments offered are computer based, but some are still paper and pencil formatted. There are six convenient locations for many of our tests, and each testing center is equipped with the latest computer technology and monitoring systems.

MTC uses a variety of methods to place you in the best courses for your success. For some students, the college’s placement test will be the place to start. Other students may qualify to exempt all or part of the test.

After you apply to MTC, the Admissions Office will let you know what, if any, placement tests you need to take. Need more info? Contact Admissions at 803.738.7782 or admissions@midlandstech.edu.

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MTC offers several different options regarding placement tests, schedules, and locations. Not all tests are offered on all campuses, so please be sure to check the schedules and locations in advance. You can also click here for general placement testing times and/or click here for testing center location information.


Schedule your test today! You can easily schedule your placement test online and receive a confirmation sent directly to your phone.


Learn more about your placement scores.


Students have the option to retake the MTC Placement assessment under limited conditions. Learn more about what makes a student eligible to retake the placement test and what limitations may apply.


Although the college's placement test is not timed, most students who take the entire test will need about three and a half hours to complete the test.

You may qualify to exempt all or part of the MTC placement test if you meet certain criteria. Examples include qualifying SAT®/ACT® scores or high school GPA (for recent high school graduates), qualifying previous college credit, and certain advanced standing exams.

After you apply to MTC, the Admissions Office will let you know if you qualify to exempt any placement tests. Need more info? Contact Admissions at 803.790.7578 or admissions@midlandstech.edu.


Learn more about the proctoring services MTC offers to students and the general public. 


The staff of the Testing Services Center and Midlands Technical College is committed to academic honesty and excellence. Anyone caught participating in acts of cheating will be brought before the college's judicial/discipline process as well as reported to the instructor whose exam they are taking. All forms of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating on tests, plagiarism, collusion and falsification of information, will call for discipline. Cheating on tests is defined to include the following:

Copying from another student's test. Using materials during a test not authorized by the person giving the test. Collaborating with any other person during a test without permission. Knowingly obtaining, using, buying, selling, transporting or soliciting in whole or in part the contents of any test. Bribing any other person to obtain tests or information about tests. Substituting for another student, or permitting any other person's work to substitute for yours.


Midlands Technical College has established policies and procedures that may allow students to enter certain curriculum programs with advanced standing. In many cases, credit may be awarded through transfer of credit from other post-secondary institutions, AP exams, challenge examinations, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), military experience or prior experiential learning. New students applying for advanced standing should submit documentation to the Admissions Office by the application deadline so that credentials may be evaluated and credit awarded prior to advisement for the student’s first term. Applicability and time limitations on transfer course work will be determined by the appropriate program’s department chair or designee. International Baccalaureate course equivalency information can be found here.


Want MTC to send your test scores to another institution? Fill out the Placement Score Release form.

Qualifications to Exempt the MTC Placement Test

If you can meet at least one of the following criteria, you may be able to exempt the MTC placement test.

  1. Earned College-Level Courses

You have completed college-level math and English courses from a regionally accredited institution with a grade of “C” or higher.

  1. Earned College Degree

You have graduated from a regionally accredited institution with an associate degree or higher.

  1. Advanced Standing Credit

You have earned credit in English and math on CLEP® and/or Advanced Placement® exams that are recognized by the college. Visit the Advanced Standing page for more information. This exemption may not apply to specific academic programs.

  1. Qualifying Standardized Test Scores
    (Within the Last Three Years) ***

Qualifying SAT® , GED, or ACT® Scores*

SAT® Scores
(On or after March 5, 2016)

  • EBRW Score: 480+
  • Math Score: 530+


  • Reasoning Through Language Arts: 165+
  • Mathematical Reasoning: 165+

ACT® Scores

  • Math: 22+
  • English: 18+ and 
  1. Qualifying Grade Point Average and Fourth Level Math Class**
    (Within the Last Three Years) ***
    • You have a weighted GPA of 3.0+ with courses in college prep, honors, AP®, IB®, or dual enrollment.
  • Fourth-Level Math Class
    (Within the Last Three Years) ***
    • You have a weighted GPA of 3.0+ and have earned at least a grade of “85+” in a fourth-level math class in college prep, honors, AP®, IB®, or dual enrollment. A fourth-level math class is usually a course beyond Algebra 2.
    • If you have questions related to a fourth-level math course, call MTC admissions at 803.738.7879.

Note: If you qualify for an exemption in only math or English (not both), you will need to complete the placement test for the subject not exempted.

*The MTC Placement Test will be required to place above MAT 110.

**If you apply to MTC before graduating from high school, your placement will be based on your high school GPA at the end of your first term of 12th grade. Admissions will convert any un-weighted, non-S.C. Uniform Grading Scale GPAs to the equivalent S.C. Uniform Grading Scale GPA. Mid-year transcripts are automatically evaluated for all current high school seniors who submit an unofficial mid-year transcript.

***If you have graduated in the past three years and would like your final transcript evaluated please complete the Multiple Measures Request Form. * The MTC Placement Test will be required to place above MAT 110.

How are transcripts evaluated for multiple measures?

Mid-year transcripts

If you apply to MTC before graduating from high school, your placement will be based on your high school GPA at the end of your first term of 12th grade. Please ask your high school counselor to send your mid-year transcript to MTC Admissions to the attention of our Multiple Measures Coordinator. We will evaluate this transcript automatically. 

Final high school transcripts

If you would like to have your final high school transcript evaluated for possible multiple measures placement exemptions, you must officially request a multiple measures testing exemption by completing and submitting a Multiple Measures Exemption Form before your advisement appointment. Forms and corresponding documentation must be submitted to be evaluated by the first day of the start term for which you applied. Please send the completed Multiple Measures Exemption Form AND official final high school transcript to the Admissions Office at Midlands Technical College, Admissions, PO Box 2408, Columbia, SC 29202; or turn them into one of our office locations at our Beltline or Airport campus.

Note: Admissions will convert any unweighted, non-S.C. Uniform Grading Scale GPAs to the equivalent S.C. Uniform Grading Scale GPA.

Not sure if you qualify to exempt the MTC placement test? Don’t worry. The MTC Admissions Office will let you know what you need to do after you apply to the college

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The Office of Testing Services provides a broad range of testing services to support college enrollment, student advanced placement in courses and classroom instruction. 


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