Refund of Student Course Fees/Tuition

All students must officially withdraw from classes in order to receive full or partial refunds. To officially withdraw, a student must complete a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form and turn it in to the Student Records Office located on the Airport or Beltline campus. The Drop/Add/Withdrawal forms may be obtained at the Student Information Centers and the Student Records Office on each campus or online at the Student Records website.

Web-enabled students may officially drop courses via MyMTC through the end of Schedule Change. Courses dropped after the official Schedule Change period are considered grades of withdrawal (W) and must be processed personally.

Payment will be required if a student does not attend class(es) (no show) and does not officially drop or withdraw. MTC has allocated instructional resources based on student enrollment on record. Students will be billed for these classes and the debt will be processed through the college’s collection procedures if payment is not received. Midlands Technical College employs third party agencies to collect delinquent student accounts. By registering for classes, students acknowledge responsibility to pay any expenses incurred by the college to collect on the account, should it become delinquent. Refunds will take approximately three to four weeks to process. The amount of the refund will be based on the date the completed form is received by the Student Records Office, according to the Institutional Refund Schedule below. All fees are nonrefundable. Fees are defined as Application Fees (charged for each application submitted), Enrollment Fees (charged to all first-time students), Student Fees (charged each semester to all students), Late Registration Fees (charged to students who register after the end of fee payment), Debit/Credit Card Fees, and any course or program related fees.

Withdrawal or Net Reduction of Credit Hours

1st - 5th instructional day of the term – 100% Percent of Refund

After 5th instructional day of the term – 0% Percent of Refund

Refunds for terms that vary in length from the Fall and Spring semester terms will be in proportion to the semester-term refund schedule.

Federal Financial Aid Recipients

Students who receive federal financial aid will earn the entire award after 60 percent of the term has been completed. In the case of complete withdrawal, any student who completely withdraws prior to 60 percent of the term will owe a portion of tuition and fees to the college, based on the length of time the student was enrolled. Immediate repayment is required. A student may also owe the federal government a portion of the federal funds disbursed. Immediate repayment may be required. After enrollment is verified; financial aid awards are adjusted; and tuition, fees and books/supplies charged at the MTC Bookstore are debited from student accounts; any remaining aid will be transmitted to Customers Bank to be disbursed to the student. The student must designate whether these funds will be deposited in their bank accounts or disbursed to their Bank Mobile Vibe card. This designation can be done online. A Bank Mobile Vibe card may be used as a debit card on or off campus.

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