William Jerry Wood Life Skills Center

The Life Skills Center (LSC) is designed to provide Midlands Technical College (MTC) students with professional and academic support through direct services and referrals.

While an education from MTC opens doors for our students, it is intangible traits, such as effective communication, teamwork, punctuality, integrity, work ethic, self-direction and interpersonal skills that are needed to ensure career success. These life skills, often referred to as “soft skills”, along with strong technical skills are essential for graduates to succeed in the work place.

According to MTC’s hiring partners, students with effective soft skills make significant contributions to the success of the organization. Many of MTC’s students do not realize the extent to which attitude and work ethic are critical to their career and professional success. The LSC will provide a wide range of services designed to equip students with the skills needed to achieve and maintain meaningful employment to support themselves and their families.

However, before an MTC graduate can become a well-trained professional with a solid grasp of soft skills, they first have to be a successful student. MTC faculty, staff, and hiring partners have recognized the need for a centralized location to address obstacles to a student’s academic success. In collaboration with the Academic Success Center and other college departments, the LSC addresses issues that may negatively impact the academic success of MTC students. Examples include poor study skills, transportation issues, time management, hunger, homelessness, and other barriers to success.

Students may either be referred to the LSC or self-enroll for services. The LSC will conduct an assessment of the student that measures self-motivation, study skills, engagement, self-regulation, soft skills competencies, career preparedness, and emergent needs where applicable. Once the assessment is complete, an Individual Success Plan (ISP) is then designed for the student. The plan may recommend career preparedness workshops, academic tutoring, and referrals to other MTC or community services and resources.

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