Academic Limitations

To ensure the highest quality education, Midlands Technical College sets certain limitations on its academic procedures. Please read the section below for current limitations.

Test Scores

A student’s scores on appropriate tests for placement in courses or admission to programs will be acceptable for three years from the date the test is taken

Transfer Coursework Applied Toward Graduation

Applicability and time limitations on transfer coursework will be determined by the appropriate program’s Department Chair or designee. 

Grade Changes

Normally, a student’s grade in a course may not be changed later than one term following the award of the grade. The grade may be changed only by the course instructor or the Department Chair. Students should contact the course instructor to question a grade or initiate a grade change. Exceptions to these policies may be made only by the Academic Vice Provost.

Repeat Grade Policy

When a course is repeated, all grades will be entered on the student’s permanent academic record. For 100 - 200 level courses, the higher of the two grades will be included in the grade point average.

Students who plan to transfer must realize the receiving college may recalculate grade point averages, including repeat grades, according to that college’s policies.

Students receiving financial aid should know that all coursework attempted will be calculated in assessment of academic progress standards for student financial aid purposes.

Certain departmental requirements may limit the number of times a course may be repeated. 

Catalog Rights

Students admitted to the college are granted the right to complete programs as stated in the College Catalog at the time of initial matriculation to the program. As long as the student is eligible to re-enroll, the student maintains these catalog rights.

The college reserves the right to change courses as long as the total number of credits required for completion of the program is not increased. A student who must reapply for admission comes into the college under the catalog in effect at the time of readmission.

College and program policies, procedures and fees may be adjusted as needed and are not linked to rights for courses. Students are encouraged to consult the college’s website for updates to policies, procedures and fees.

Course Cancellation

Courses may be cancelled due to inadequate enrollment or lack of instructors. Students are encouraged to check their online schedule immediately prior to the start of classes to confirm course offerings, modes of instruction, and dates and times.

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