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Do you find yourself always wanting to help people? Are you looking to improve your community? These are commonalities among educators, social service providers, police officers, and paralegals. MTC's School of Education and Public Service has transferable associate degrees, programs to train you for great careers in two years or less, and individual training courses.

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Career Development

Career development professionals help others find and plan for fulfilling careers.

Facilitating Career Development

Career development facilitators assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work. They may serve as career coaches, job search trainers, human resources career development coordinators, employment/placement specialists, or workforce development staff.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice professionals enforce and uphold laws to keep communities strong.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice professionals work in law enforcement, corrections, the court system, private security, and juvenile justice. These professionals have a thorough understanding of criminal justice concepts and theories including police administration, criminal law, criminal evidence and procedures, correctional systems, and criminology.

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State Constable

State constables are commissioned by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and support S.C. law enforcement in times of emergency and/or crisis. Constables serve as volunteers and are uncompensated per state law.

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Homeland Security Management

Homeland Security Management encompasses the various agencies, professionals, and mechanisms that protect people, property and national infrastructure from both man-made and natural crises. Professions can include: law enforcement, transportation security, mission support, military, border patrol, and private security.

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Pre-Police Academy Training

Candidates who complete the PPAT certificate will be eligible to take the cumulative exam administered by the SC Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) in order to receive credit for the first four-week block of instruction required as part of the Basic Law Enforcement Certificate in South Carolina. Successful candidates may then complete the remaining eight weeks of instruction at the SCCJA upon being hired by a law enforcement agency.

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Our teaching programs train early childhood, elementary, and middle-level educators to pass on knowledge and skills that help children grow personally and intellectually.

Early Childhood Educator

Early childhood educators promote optimal development for all children, regardless of background or ability. This education program focuses on child growth and development, health and safety, curriculum, family engagement, and guidance in a variety of child care and early education facilities.

Associate Degree Academic Certificate

Early Childhood and Elementary Education - for transfer

This education program allows students to complete the prerequisite coursework needed to transfer into a certified teaching program for Pre-K through sixth grade at a four-year institution.

Associate Degree

Middle Level Education- for transfer

This education program allows students to complete the prerequisite coursework needed to transfer into a certified teaching program for fifth through eighth grade at a four-year institution.

Associate Degree

Human Services

Human services is a field focused on caring, as these professionals help others meet their needs and improve their lives.

Human Services

Human services professionals assist others in managing their behavior in order to achieve their full potential in educational, social, therapeutic, and vocational settings. Career opportunities are available with youth services, disabilities and special needs, substance abuse, geriatric services, child development, child and family services, and mental health providers.

Associate Degree

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) communicators and interpreters help communicate with individuals who use ASL. Workers in diverse fields like education, business, law, health care, and human services/social work can all benefit from understanding and communicating ASL.

Academic Certificate

Behavioral Interventionist

A Behavioral Interventionist may serve in the professional role of Peer Support Specialist or Patient Support Specialist working with individuals who have alcohol and drug problems. Employment opportunities may be found with substance abuse agencies, mental health institutions and healthcare institutions.

Academic Certificate

Paralegal Studies

Paralegals are an essential part of the legal system, helping lawyers gather and report critical information.

Paralegal Studies

Paralegals assist lawyers in carrying out their professional responsibilities. Working under the direct supervision of attorneys, paralegals conduct research, prepare documents, and interview clients. Employment opportunities are available in diverse areas such as insurance, real estate, mortgage companies, government agencies, courts, and banks. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

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Academic programs count as academic credit for a certificate, diploma or degree and may transfer toward future academic endeavors at four-year colleges and universities.
Training programs can be completed in a matter of weeks or months, are focused on career training, and provide credentials and certificates needed in the specific fields of study. Coursework does not transfer.
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