Retaking a Placement Test

Retaking the MTC Placement Test

Students have the option to retake the MTC Placement assessment under limited conditions, but a retest may not always be granted. In order to retake the test, you must submit a Retest Request Form through your MyMTC account. Students will be notified of the retest decision through their MTC email account within 7 days of their request. If you are granted permission to retest, you may have to pay a small fee payable at the Cashier’s Office on campus or by calling 803.822.3260, 803.738.7649, or 803.822.3679. 

We highly suggest that you take the time to study for your placement test. Find practice guides on the Accuplacer website that can be used to prepare for your test.

Guidelines for Retaking the MTC Placement Test

You are encouraged to retake the MTC placement test before completing orientation and meeting with your advisor. It is helpful to complete the Pre-Advisement Module within MyMTC to learn more about how the placement test is used for your course placement.

Students may retake the placement test:

  • Before enrolling in and attending a '0' level course (i.e., RDG 032, ENG 032, or MAT 032) or a 100 level course (i.e., RDG 100, ENG 100, or MAT 100) at MTC. Once you begin taking a '0' level course or a 100 level course, you are no longer eligible to retake the MTC placement test.  You must successfully complete the course to move to the next level and be eligible to enroll in freshman level courses. A withdrawal counts as an enrollment. You may contact the department chair to discuss options.
  • Before enrolling in and attending a MAT 101 or MAT 102 course. A withdrawal counts as enrollment in the course. You may contact the mathematics department chair to discuss options.

If your course placement changes after retesting, please see your advisor to adjust your class schedule.

How to Submit Retest Request Form

Login to your MyMTC account and follow these instructions for submitting the Retest Request Form:

  1. Click on Enrolled Students.
  2. Under Additional Services, click Retaking the MTC Placement Test.