Grades and Grade Changes

Students can access grades and unofficial transcripts via their student account in MyMTC. If an error is suspected in the reported grades, students must notify the faculty member(s) involved within one term after the term for which the grades were issued.

Grade Point Average (GPA)—A student’s grade point average (GPA) can be calculated in the following way: (1) Assign grade points to each letter grade. (2) Multiply credit hours times grade points. This equals quality points. (3) Add credit hours, then add quality points. (4) Divide quality points by credit hours. This will equal the GPA.


Grade Grade Points
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
F 0
WF 0



Course Credit Hours Grade Grade Points Quality Points
ECO 253 3.0 B 3 (3.0 x 3) 9.0
ENG 101 3.0 C 2 (3.0 x 2) 6.0
  = 6.0     = 15.0



Quality Points ÷ Credit Hours =  GPA
15.0 ÷ 6.0 = 2.5

Students also have the option of using the online GPA calculators via MyMTC in Student Planning. Students must be aware that official grades (not these calculators) are the most accurate resource for grade information.

Repeat Grade Policy

When a course is repeated, all grades will be entered on the student’s permanent academic record. For 100-200 level courses, the higher of the two grades will be included in the grade point average. If the repeated course has a different prefix and/or number, the student must complete a Repeat Course form, which is available from the Student Records Office.

Certain departmental requirements may limit the number of times a course may be repeated.

Students who plan to transfer must realize the receiving college may recalculate grade point averages, including repeat grades, according to that college’s policies.

Students receiving financial aid should know that all coursework attempted will be calculated in assessment of academic progress standards for student financial aid purposes.

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