Health Services

As a non-residential college, Midlands Technical College expects students will secure medical services through a private physician or medical facility. It is, however, the policy of Midlands Technical College to provide all students involved in accidental injury with emergency services and accident insurance for any accidents that occur while on college premises or during college-sponsored activities. In addition, the college sponsors a health awareness program to support good health and wellness. Referral information for accessing health insurance and local health services is provided through the Student Life Office on the respective campus and accessible online at https://MYMTC1.MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/StudentServices/HealthServices/Pages/default.aspx.

Accident insurance covers all curriculum and non-curriculum students while on the premises when college is in session and during college-sponsored and supervised activities.

As a nonresidential college, Midlands Technical College does not provide health insurance to students; however, students are provided with information on obtaining health insurance coverage. Students wishing to purchase student health insurance should contact the Student Life Office to obtain health insurance information packets.

Any student involved in an accident requiring medical treatment at an emergency center, hospital or physician’s office should take appropriate action as follows:

Accidental Injury

If a student requires immediate service, call security at 803.738.7199. (In-house telephones require only the last four digits of a telephone number and provide free calls.) Security will determine interim emergency assistance, as needed. Security personnel will complete an incident report, and the student will be given a Student Accident Insurance Claim Form. The student should submit the claim form to the office of the Vice President for Student Development Services (VPSDS). Assistance with completing the claim form will be provided through the VPSDS office. Benefits provided under the accident insurance cover medical claims submitted no later than ninety (90) days of the date of the accident. The insurance provider may not recognize claim forms submitted more than 90 days after an accident has occurred; therefore, timely filing is essential.


Any student who is ill or becomes ill and needs immediate medical attention should take whatever actions are appropriate, such as:

  • Call a parent, spouse, or friend and leave campus.
  • Call a physician.
  • Authorize an ambulance to be called. (NOTE: The student, spouse or parent shall assume full responsibility for the costs.)

If the student is incapacitated and requires immediate evacuation, contact 911 first and then call Security at 803.738.7199. The college will refer the student to the nearest hospital or emergency center for emergency care. (NOTE: The costs of such emergency care, including ambulance charges, are the full responsibility of the student. Students would file these claims with their personal health insurance provider, as applicable.)

Health Education and Awareness

Midlands Technical College supports the concept that good health and wellness contribute to enhanced student learning. Through the Student Life Office, the college offers a variety of health information and awareness activities throughout the year. Alcohol and drug information, AIDS awareness, health screenings and other such services help students develop positive health habits and healthy lifestyles. Information and upcoming events are posted on the Student Life website at https://MYMTC1.MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/StudentLife/Office/Pages/default.aspx.

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