Transient MTC Student Taking Courses at Another College

Student walking on campus.

MTC students who want to take courses as a visiting student at another institution should follow these steps:

1. Meet With Your Advisor

Download the MTC Student Transient Enrollment Form, complete the parts you can, print it, and take it to your advisor to discuss whether the courses you would like to take will transfer back into your MTC program. From there, your advisor will connect you with your School of Study for final approval.

2. Contact the Other Institution

Contact the Admissions Office of the institution where you want to enroll in as a visiting student. You must have approved and completed MTC Student Visiting Form before starting this process. Complete the institution's enrollment procedures for Visiting Students.

3. Pay Tuition and Fees

If you have an approved financial aid award from MTC:

  1. Get the MTC Student Visiting Form from your department or advisor. Have your advisor complete and sign the form.
  2. Pick up a Consortium Agreement Form from the MTC Student Financial Services office and take it to the Financial Aid office at the institution you are going to attend to obtain approval.
  3. Return the approved Consortium Agreement Form, the MTC Student Visiting Form and the paid receipt to the MTC Student Financial Services office.
4. Buy Books

Purchase needed books and materials as directed by the institution you plan on attending.

5. Attend and Complete the Course

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to go to the records office of the institution you attended and complete a request to have your official transcript mailed to MTC upon completion of your course.