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Who needs to apply for admission?

Only academic students need to apply for admission.

Academic programs include associate degrees, diplomas, and academic certificates. Any student wishing to take in-class, hybrid, virtual, or online college courses must apply to MTC.

Where do I start?

First, choose a program. If it's a degree, diploma, or academic certificate program, follow our steps to enrollment. If it's a training certificate program, register for classes directly from the program page.

How do I apply?

We accept all applications through our online system. You’ll need to create an account, which will save your application information as you go so that you can come back to it later.

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What can I major in?

MTC has many programs to choose from, with majors in business, technology, healthcare, education, and more. If you're planning to transfer to another college to complete your bachelor's degree, you’ll want to choose an associate degree program. See all programs

How many courses should I take?

It can be tough to balance school and other responsibilities, so don't overload yourself with too many courses at first! For you first semester, we suggest 12 credits for those who don’t work, 3-6 credits for those who work part time, and 3 credits for those who work full time.  Be sure to check course load criteria if you have a LIFE scholarship or other scholarships.

I just got accepted, what’s next?

Check out our guide for newly-accepted students for all the information about advisement, orientation, and selecting classes.

Need help?

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