Tutoring, Subjects, and Schedules

Appointments are no longer necessary to receive help from our tutors!

Use the table below to choose from a current list of tutors based on the subjects they can help you with. Once you have identified your tutor, click the tutoring calendar button to view their availability and drop-in at that time to meet them at the ASC. 

Tutor Subject
Alberto Biology 112 (Anatomy & Physiology); Economics 210 & 211 (Macro & Micro Economics); History 102 & 201; Math 102, 111, 120, 140; Music 105
Alfreda Chemistry
Blake English/Writing 
Carlyn PSY 201 (General Psychology); PSY 203 (Human Growth & Development); PSY 220 (Psychology of Personality)
Heather Math, Statistics
Jenna Dental Hygiene; Biology 210/211
Kevin Math
Liz English/Writing, ESL
Luis Math, Physics, Statistics
Michael K. English/Writing, ESL
Nick Math, Physics, Statistics
Nicole Computer Programming Technology (CPT) 
Sophie English/Writing

Ready to meet with your tutor? 

Click here to see the tutoring calendar

Note: You can click the "Agenda" tab at the top of the calendar to see tutoring dates and times in a list format. The ASC is located on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center on Beltline Campus and in room 151 of the Academic Center on Airport Campus.

Two students meeting near the Academic Success Center after classes.

Having trouble choosing a tutor? Contact the Academic Success Center with any questions or concerns at asc@midlandstech.edu. You can also call the Beltline or Airport Campuses directly at 803.738.7871 or 803.822.3545.