International and F-1 Visa Students

Midlands Technical College is committed to multiculturalism and student awareness of the global community. A growing number of international students are choosing to attend the college. The following information has been compiled as information for international students:

Questions Frequently Asked by International Students

Q. What courses can I take to improve my English language skills?

A. Fundamental courses are offered in Reading Comprehension and English writing. MTC does not offer an Intensive English Language Program.

Q. Where do I go if I have personal problems, such as homesickness?

A. Contact Counseling Services at 803.738.7636 or 803.822.3505.

Q. Who do I see if I have questions about my visa or I-20?

A. Contact MTC’s International Student Services Manager, Dr. Monica Wade at 803.738.7735 or

Q. What are the employment opportunities for international students at MTC?

A. See the detailed list of contacts later in this section.

Q. How do I get permission to work off campus?

A. If you are in F-1 status, you cannot work off campus unless awarded Economic Hardship status by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. You can work off campus if your visa status specifies work eligibility. The International Student Services Manager, Dr. Wade, can discuss work eligibility conditions with interested students. Also, see the section on “International Students Seeking Employment at MTC” for information about on-campus job possibilities.

Q. Must I have health insurance?

A. It is a good idea to have health insurance either from home or from an insurance company in the U.S. The college does not provide health coverage for students. However, the college provides accident insurance that covers students who may be injured while on campus or at a college-sponsored event.

Q. Do I qualify for any kind of scholarship?

A. International students do not qualify for federal or state grants but they may apply for scholarships offered by the Midlands Technical College Foundation. Information is available online at MTC's Student Financial Services.

Q. May I drop a class if I am not doing well in it?

A. F-1 visa students may not drop a class during the fall or spring terms if by doing so they will be less than full-time students (12 credit hours). Maintaining a full-time credit hour course load is required by Citizenship and Immigration Service regulations. This is the most important responsibility that international students must fulfill. If a student desires to drop a course for medical or other unavoidable reasons, they must consult with the International Student Services Manager before doing so.

Q. Is there anything I need to do before traveling outside the United States?

A. Students (F-1) should bring their passport and I-20 to Dr. Wade to verify that both are still valid for re-entering the United States.

Q. What do I need to do when I am ready to transfer to another college?

A. Students (F-1) should apply to the new college, have an official transcript from MTC sent to the new college, and submit to Dr. Wade the new college’s transfer clearance form and the new college’s acceptance letter. Dr. Wade will notify USCIS of the transfer, and this notification will complete the transfer process.

Q. As an international student, do I have to file income tax returns each April?

A. Yes. Dr. Wade will send F-1 students a letter in January explaining what to do.

Q. When will I be assigned to an academic advisor?

A. You will be assigned to a faculty advisor during your first semester at MTC. If you do not know who to contact to schedule an advisement appointment, call the Beltline Advisement Center at 803.738.7810.

Q. Can I register for my courses over the Internet?

A. Continuing students in some programs are automatically approved for online registration. In other programs, academic advisors determine a student’s eligibility for online registration. Your advisor will let you know if you are eligible for online registration. The MyMTC Student Menu has a link, “Check if I can register online,” that will show whether you have been enabled to register online.

Q. If I have been approved for online registration, when can I register for my courses?

A. The dates for online registration are the same as for regular on-campus registration. Those dates are published in the Class Schedule and are on the MTC website.

Q. How can I get help with using MyMTC?

A. MTC provides Online Services Centers on the second floor of the Student Centers on Airport and Beltline campuses. Assistants in the Online Services Centers can provide assistance, if needed.

International Students Seeking Employment at MTC

In general, international students may not be employed by businesses or accept federally funded work-study positions. International students with F-1 visas may be employed as part-time temporary employees working no more than 20 hours a week in college departments. Below is a list of departments and areas at MTC that traditionally hire students as temporary employees in various capacities. Contact information and job descriptions are given also.

The Academic Success Centers hire academic tutors to assist students in various courses. Positions are often available for math, science, Spanish, French and accounting courses. Tutors are sometimes needed in other courses. Contact: Academic Success Center Director at 803.822.3071 or 803.738.7130.

Counseling and Career Services hires students as note-takers for MTC students with disabilities in various courses and sections as needed. Contact Counseling and Career Services on Beltline Campus at 803.738.7636 (BSC 239) or on Airport Campus at 803.822.3559 (ASC 237).

Online Services students assist other applicants and students with various aspects of using the computer to accomplish various things like: applying, getting a schedule, and completing a FAFSA. Contact Emily Burns, Counseling and Career Services at 803.738.7636 or

The Campus Bookstores hire students to work both at the Beltline and Airport locations. Students might be hired during the “start of semester” weeks. A few students are hired to work throughout the year. Contact: Beltline Campus Bookstore at 803.738.7783 and Airport Campus Bookstore at 803.822.3522.

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