Student Complaints About the English Fluency of a Faculty Member

When a student files a formal written complaint with the department chair or dean regarding the English fluency of an instructor, the department chair will immediately alert the dean of the appropriate School, who shall refer the instructor within 10 instructional weekdays to the English Fluency Evaluation Committee for a proficiency evaluation.

An instructor who is judged proficient by the committee will continue teaching assignments without any further action. If, however, student complaints continue or the supervisor determines a continuing fluency or communication problem exists, appropriate actions can be initiated.

A permanent instructor judged deficient by the committee will be given one academic term to develop sufficient English fluency to be judged proficient by the committee. If during the term the instructor has not shown evidence of satisfactory progress in overcoming the deficiency, disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including termination. An adjunct instructor judged deficient by the committee may be immediately terminated.

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