AI and Machine Learning


The AI and Machine Learning Certificate provides the foundation for students to develop data analysis models and build visualizations of insights discovered. 

Skills learned in this certificate enable entry-level analysts to collect, prepare, and interpret data and then visualize new insights. 

Completing this certificate will enable students to perform data analysis in any industry.

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Academic Certificate

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This certificate is part-time only.

On-Campus Traditional. Classes meet on campus.
Virtual 100% online. Meets with a live instructor and classmates on specific days, at specific times. Uses web conferencing software, like Zoom.
Hybrid Some classes on campus. Some classes online or virtual.
Online 100% online. Due dates for projects and assignments. Self-paced work on your time.
Semester Course ID Course Title Classroom Online Hybrid Virtual Credits
Semester 1
(6 Credit Hours)
CPT-189 Data Science I

Data Science I

ID: CPT-189

Credit Hours: 3

This course is an introduction to foundational topics in data science. Topics include data collection, integration, management, modeling, analysis, visualization, presentation, and decision making.

IST-230 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

ID: IST-230

Credit Hours: 3

This course is a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence. It covers an introduction to the key principles, techniques, and tools being used to implement knowledge-based systems.

Semester 2
(6 Credit Hours)
CPT-289 Data Science II

Data Science II

ID: CPT-289

Credit Hours: 3

This course explores popular data science programming tools. Students will review and assess the features, capabilities, and limitations of open-source, commercial, and cloud-based solutions.

CPT-273 Data Visualization

Data Visualization

ID: CPT-273

Credit Hours: 3

This course explores key concepts in data visualization and reporting. Topics include methods used in graphical representation of data, exploration and reporting of data, and basic predictive modeling methods.

Semester 3
(6 Credit Hours)
CPT-297 Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

ID: CPT-297

Credit Hours: 3

This course introduces big data concepts and the fundamentals of providing efficient analytics for extremely large datasets.

IST-290 Special Topics in Information Sciences

Special Topics in Information Sciences

ID: IST-290

Credit Hours: 3

This course covers special topics in information sciences technologies.

  Total Credit Hours 18
  Estimated Cost
Financial Aid
Not including fees and equipment


Data Analyst

Data Science creates new models to understand unknowns from raw data.  A Data Scientist creates new questions using data, while a Data Analyst finds answers to questions by creating insights from data sources.

According to EMSI data as of 2022

Where Can I Work?

  • Large Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Agencies

What’s next after I complete this program?

Enter the Workforce or Advance Career

Completing this certificate enables you to perform data analysis for any organization, large or small. Apply your new skills to gain employment or advance your career. 

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