Adding Courses

During the specified times of regular registration through late registration and the published Schedule Change days, students may add available courses. Students must meet course prerequisites, and the course should be contained within the student’s program plan approved by the student’s Academic and Career Advisor.

Dropping Courses

Students must officially drop their courses by the last day of the published Schedule Change period for each session in order to obtain a refund and not be held responsible for coursework. Courses dropped through Schedule Change are not recorded on the student’s transcript. Payment is required if a student registers for a course and does not officially drop the course, even if the student does not attend classes. Students are billed for all registered classes at the point of registration and the debt will be processed through the college’s collection procedures if payment is not received.


(See Registration.)


Students approved for web registration may drop and add courses online through MyMTC, during the published registration and Schedule Change days and times. Students should keep a copy of their drop confirmation or schedule for their records. Students who are not web-enabled may have the Records Office staff assist with Drop/Add by obtaining, completing and submitting a Drop/Add/ Withdrawal form to the Student Records Office (Beltline Campus, WM 103; Airport Campus, ASC 223). Students with Drop/Add questions may contact recordsoffice@midlandstech.edu. Refunds will be processed according to the normal refund schedule.

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