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Academic Policies and Requirements

Admission to the College

Admission Policy

All applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent or must be at least 18-years-old to be considered for admission into curriculum programs and courses offered by the college. Graduates of South Carolina high schools who have received a “certificate,” not a diploma, are strongly urged to return to their high school district to complete the diploma or GED. Certificate recipients who meet minimum scores on the college’s placement exam will be admitted to the college. Eligible high school students who desire to enroll in one or more college courses concurrently with their high school classes may do so with the written authorization of their parent(s) and high school principal.

All applicants are required to participate in placement testing (assessment) prior to being accepted by the college unless exempted by criteria stated in college procedures on assessment, admission and placement. Specific requirements have been established for individual program entrance. For applicants who require additional preparation for college-level work, the college offers courses to develop strong basic skills in the areas of English, mathematics, and reading.

Admission Procedures

The first step for persons seeking enrollment in curriculum courses is to submit an application for admission, including a $35 non-refundable application fee. The preferred method to apply is electronically at MIDLANDSTECH.EDU or at one our convenient Admissions Offices at either the Airport or Beltline campus. Paper applications 11 are available by request. Please contact the Admissions Office at 803.822.6714 or by emailing

The next step is to verify legal presence in the United States. Midlands Technical College is in full compliance with the SC Illegal Immigration Reform Act (section 59-101- 430 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, As Amended).

It is the policy of MTC to review the lawful United States presence of each person currently enrolled or seeking admissions.

Students who are eligible and who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) have their legal presence checked by the U.S. government.

Students who cannot complete the FAFSA, are ineligible for federal financial aid because of immigration status or have not had the FAFSA sent to MTC, should complete the MTC Verification of Lawful Presence form, using the instructions located on the form.

Citizens of the United States will only need to be verified once during their enrollment at MTC. Non-U.S. citizens will be verified each year, or when their United States Citizenship and Immigration Services documents expire, whichever comes first.

Transcript Requirements:

All applicants are asked to submit an official copy of their high school transcripts. These transcripts are used for financial aid, scholarships, academic advisement and other purposes. The transcript is required for admission purposes only if the applicant:

  1. Is less than 18-years-old.
  2. Is applying for a Health Sciences program.
  3. Wants to be considered for a LIFE Scholarship or other types of financial programs that may require it.
  4. Has been specifically requested to submit it to the Admissions Office.
  5. Is an international student requesting an I-20.

Transcripts should be sent to the address below or via email to

Midlands Technical College
Admissions Office
Post Office Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202

Applicants possessing a high school equivalency certificate (GED) or a diploma from an adult basic education program must provide the Admissions Office with documentation of successful GED completion.

Transfer students — applicants who have attended a regionally accredited college or university — must request that all colleges previously attended send official transcripts directly to the Midlands Technical College Admissions Office. These transcripts will be reviewed to determine if the placement testing requirement will be waived. These transcripts are also used to determine whether transfer students are eligible for LIFE Scholarships. Applicants requesting transfer credit consideration of post-secondary course(s) from foreign institutions must obtain, at the applicant’s expense, a course-by-course evaluation of the foreign course work from a current National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member evaluation service. 12 American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines may also be used to evaluate prior course work. Applicability and time limitations on transfer course work will be determined by the appropriate program’s department chair or designee. Credit will be granted only once for a given course. The following criteria are used to determine acceptability of prior college coursework for advanced standing:

  1. final grade for the course(s) must be a “C” or better;
  2. course(s) must have been taken at a regionally accredited institution; if from a nonregionally accredited foreign post-secondary institution, the courses must have been recommended by a NACES-member external evaluation service;
  3. course(s) must be applicable to the program in which the student plans to enroll in order for the course to be considered for graduation;
  4. course(s) must be college-level; no course which is remedial/developmental in nature will be accepted.

To ensure the admission application will be processed in time for registration, applications, transcripts and placement test scores must be received in the Admissions Office at least three weeks prior to the published application deadline for the term in which the student plans to enroll. Advanced standing cannot be awarded until official transcripts are received and evaluated.

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