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Change of Academic Major

Students who are considering changing to a different academic major are encouraged to speak first with their Academic and Career Advisor.

First Semester Students: who wish to change their major up through the Schedule Change Period of their first full semester, may change their major by working directly with the Office of Admissions to complete the Admission Update Form process. After the Schedule Change Period has expired, new students will follow the instructions below for continuing students.

Continuing Students: should log into their MyMTC account and in the “Orientation, Advising & Registration” section, select the “Change/Add a Major” link.

Students are only allowed to be actively working towards a maximum of two associate degrees. If a student has two associate degrees listed when the Change of Major is requested, they will need to drop one of the associate degrees listed to add another. Students are encouraged to drop any major (degree, diploma, or certificate) they no longer plan to pursue.

Exceptions to the Change of Major Process

  1. International students with an F-1 status should meet with the International Student Admissions Coordinator. This advisor will check the student’s eligibility for the new major, review other pertinent information and discuss implications the requested change may have with relation to the student’s visa status. If a major change is deemed warranted, the student will be given instructions for completion. Approved requests will be changed in the college database and in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).
  2. Nursing and Health Sciences students who have their final interview eligibility waived by the program director, who meet the required program admission criteria at the level required for interview eligibility, or who have an approved Interview Results Form submitted by the Health Sciences program coordinator of the program for which they are applying, will have their Change of Major/Minor automatically completed by the Admissions Coordinator for Health Sciences or Nursing and forwarded to the Student Records office.
  3. Students seeking a specialized Associate of Applied Science in General Technology (AAS.GEN or AGT) degree should complete an AGT contract with their advisor. The advisor will forward the original copy of the contract to the Office of the Registrar, where the students’ major will be officially changed.
  4. Students seeking a customized associate degree through the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (AA.AA.IDS or AS.AS.IDS) will work with an academic and career advisor to submit a curriculum proposal to the Dean of IDS. If the proposal is approved, the Dean of IDS will initiate the process to change the student’s major officially.

Students should be aware that program changes may significantly affect educational and career goals, and credits earned under one major may not necessarily apply to the new major. The cumulative GPA will reflect all courses taken.

Students who are receiving benefits under a student assistance program (student financial aid, veteran’s benefits or international students) should contact the appropriate office to determine how this change will affect them since these programs have specific guidelines and restrictions concerning changes of academic major.

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