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Withdrawal from the College or College Courses

Dropping Courses Through Schedule Change: Each semester, once classes begin, students have a period of time to make changes to their schedule. This timeframe is called the “Schedule Change Period.” Students may Drop and Add courses during this period. Courses dropped through Schedule Change are not recorded on the student’s transcript.

Once the period has expired, students can no longer Drop and Add for that semester.

Schedule Change Timeframes:


Change Period

Full Fall and Spring Semesters

Through the 5th calendar day

Full Summer Semester

Through the 3rd calendar day

Fall I & II and Spring I & II

Through the 2nd calendar day

Wintermester and Maymester

Through the 1st day of instruction

Students must officially drop their courses by the last day of the published Schedule Change Period for each semester in order to obtain a refund and not be held responsible for coursework.

Withdrawing From Courses After The Schedule Change Period: Once the published Schedule Change Period for a semester has expired, students may no longer drop a course, but they can withdraw from the course. Withdrawn courses are recorded on the student’s transcript. Withdrawn classes are also outside of the refund period and students are billed for the course. Payment is required if a student registers for a course and does not officially drop the course, even if the student does not participate or attend classes. Students are billed for all registered classes at the point of registration and the debt will be processed through the college’s collection procedures if payment is not received.

Students needing to withdraw from a course should log into their MyMTC account. In the “Student Records” section select the “Withdrawal Form” read, complete, and submit the form. Students may also withdraw in person at any Office of Student Records location by completing a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form. The Drop/Add/Withdrawal form is available from the Office of Student Records. The date the Withdrawal Form is received in the Office of Student Records is the effective date for the form. Web-enabled students dropping online during the published Schedule Change Period do not need to complete the Drop/Add form.

After the published Schedule Change Period, all student withdrawals must be processed through the Office of Student Records. Withdrawn courses are assigned a grade of “W” on the student’s transcript. Faculty will not withdraw students who do not participate or attend class. Students who stop participating or attending class will receive the grade they have earned at the end of the semester, unless they formally withdraw from the course.

Administrative withdrawal for disciplinary purposes or extenuating circumstances may be initiated by the Vice President for Student Development Services or the Vice President’s designee. An Administrative Withdrawal will be considered for students who experience debilitating medical problems, death of immediate family members or other emergency situations (with supporting documentation) which may prevent the student’s successful completion of a semester, or prevent the student from withdrawing during the withdrawal period for the semester.

International students in visa category F-1 must consult the International Admissions Coordinator before dropping or withdrawing from any classes.

It is important that students who anticipate withdrawing from a course or courses investigate the impact of this withdrawal with the appropriate college office. Changes in course loads can affect financial aid, veteran’s benefits and other enrollment-related financial situations. In addition, courses in some academic programs are sequenced and scheduled at specific times during the year. Withdrawal from these courses often lengthens the time required for students to complete an academic program of study. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss the impact of the withdrawal on program time with their Academic and Career Advisor.

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