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Registration for Classes

After acceptance to the college, new and readmitting students are notified by the Admissions Office to meet with an Academic and Career Advisor to discuss academic progress and select courses. Current students should schedule an advising appointment through their MyMTC accounts.

Once a student meets with their Academic and Career Advisor, they develop and receive a registration plan which outlines their program of study. The student is then “web enabled” (given permission to register themselves online for classes on their plan).

Typically, the student is web enabled through a designated period of time. Once this time elapses, the student must see their Academic and Career Advisor once more for registration permission.

Other students, especially students who are continuing at the college and meet certain requirements, are web enabled and do not have to see an advisor to receive permission to register. Students, however, must be certain to enroll in courses that meet requirements for their program of study as planned with their advisor.

All students must complete the Program Eligibility Requirement Agreement found on MyMTC before they can register online. Web enabled students still have the option to meet with an Academic and Career Advisor if they wish.

At times, students may be connected with the Records Office in order for a staff member to enroll them in courses.

To secure seats in selected classes, students must pay tuition and fees by the payment deadline stated in the college calendar. Students enrolling in Midlands Technical College for the first time must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $50. Students who have not paid tuition and fees or have not had their financial aid processed by the published deadline dates may have their schedules deleted and must reschedule courses during the Online/On-campus Late Registration period.

Online/On-Campus Late Registration is held before the beginning of each semester, before classes begin. Students are assessed a late fee and course availability is limited. This registration period is for extenuating circumstances only, so students should make every effort to be advised, to register, and to pay tuition and fees before the end of the regular registration period. Students must satisfy all financial obligations to the college in order to register for future semesters and to receive college transcripts.

Enrolled students may change their class schedules during the published schedule change dates. Students are responsible for work covered from the first day of class.

Registration for College Employees and Senior Citizens

Full-time college employees in permanent positions and senior citizens ages 60 or above may take course(s) on a space-available basis and receive a waiver of tuition for all or a portion of their tuition provided academic eligibility and lawful presence requirements are met. Midlands Technical College is in full compliance with the SC Illegal Immigration Reform Act (section 59-101-430 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, As Amended).

Admission, placement testing and other college requirements apply. First-time enrollment and student fees also apply to senior citizens. First-time enrollment fees are required for college employees. Course dates and times are published on the college’s website. Information on registration processes may be obtained from the Student Information Center at (803) 738-8324.

Registration for Course Audits

Students wanting to audit a course may do so on a space available basis two days after late registration. Course tuition and applicable fees apply. Students do not receive grades for audited classes, nor can an audited class be transitioned into a for-credit class.

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