Academic Catalog

Academic Success Center

The Airport, Beltline, and Harbison campuses have Academic Success Centers open to all Midlands Technical College students. The use of computers and tutoring in the centers is free to all enrolled students, and includes the following resources:

Computer Access:

All students have access to computer resources for the purposes of academic computing. The availability of software packages is determined by the courses taught at the college and by those programs supported by the college. Available resources include various productivity and development software in both microcomputer and mainframe environments, email, the Internet, Microsoft Office products, and a wide variety of interactive educational software. Since available resources differ by campus, it is a good idea to call ahead to be sure the software needed is available at that location - Airport 822.3545, Beltline 738.7871, or Harbison 407.5005.

Tutoring Services:

Tutoring is available to assist students in selected courses, usually general education courses or introductory courses in a program of study. Mathematics, writing, and reading are the major areas for tutoring, but tutoring may also be offered in other subject areas, such as Computer Technology (CPT). Students can also access free online tutoring in over 200 subject areas through, which they can access through their courses in D2L. 

Additional Resources:

In addition to computer access and tutoring, the Academic Success Center provides a variety of supplemental services to assist students in becoming independent learners, including classroom presentations and academic workshops. Students may also make an appointment with a professional staff member in the William Jerry Wood Life Skills Center to learn more about important soft skills, including developing effective communication, test-taking, and study skills. To schedule an appointment to discuss developing a personalized action plan, students may call the William Jerry Wood Life Skills Center Coordinator at 822.3443.

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