Academic Catalog

Examination and Grading Policies

Examination Policy

Students are expected to take final examinations, which are held during a designated period at the close of fall, spring and summer terms. Faculty will administer examinations of individual courses within the published schedule. Any makeup of final examinations will be at the discretion of individual faculty.

Grading Policies

Students may go online at MIDLANDSTECH.EDU to view their grades through their MyMTC account. If an official paper copy is required, students may go to the Office of Student Records and make an official request. Students must present a picture I.D. to receive grade information.

If an error is suspected in the reported grades, students must notify the faculty member involved within one calendar term after the term in which the grade was issued. Failure to initiate and complete processing within the specified time will disqualify students from further consideration of a grade change.

The Midlands Technical College grading system is as follows:

A – Superior – 4 quality points
B – Above Average – 3 quality points
C – Average – 2 quality points
D – Below Average – 1 quality point
F – Failure – computed in grade point average as zero (0) quality points
W – Withdrew
I – Incomplete – must be made up within one term
AU – Audit – no credit
E – Exempted from the Course
TR – Transfer – earns credit hours, generates no grade points
NC – No Credit – for students in designated courses

Grades for zero-level courses (e.g., ENG 032) are NOT calculated into students’ overall GPAs. Continuing Education grades are also not calculated into students’ overall GPAs.

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