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Refund Procedure

I. Institutional Refund Procedures

All students must officially drop classes in order to receive a full or partial refund. To officially withdraw, a student must complete a Drop/Add/ Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Student Records Office located on the Airport or Beltline campus. The Drop/Add/ Withdrawal Forms may be obtained at the Student Records Office on each campus.

Web-enabled students may officially drop courses via the web through the pub- lished  schedule  change  period.  After  the  published  schedule  change  period, all  student  withdrawals  must  be  processed  through  the  Student  Records  Office. NOTE:    International  students  on  F-1  visas  should  contact  the  Student  Records Office and the International Student Services Manager prior to dropping courses or withdrawing from classes.

Refunds  take  approximately  three  to  four  weeks  to  process.  The  amount  of  the refund  will  be  based  on  the  date  the  completed  form  is  received  by  the  Student Records Office, according to the Institutional Refund Schedule below. All fees are nonrefundable.

Withdrawal or Net Reduction of Credit Hours Percent of Refund
1st - 5th instructional day of the term 100%
After 5th instructional day of the term 0%

Refunds for terms that vary in length from the semester term will be in proportion to the semester term refund schedule. Specific dates and percentages for each term are listed on the Midlands Technical College website.

II. Refund for Cancelled Courses

 If the college cancels a course for any reason, enrolled students will automatically receive the appropriate refund, if due. No forms need to be completed by the student. Refunds may be expected after the end of the schedule change period.

III. Refund for Student-Initiated Course Change or Withdrawal

 Students wishing to drop/add/withdraw from a course or from the college should obtain and complete a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form. Through the published Schedule Change period, course drops may also be completed online by students who have been web-enabled. After this date, withdrawals must be processed through the Student Records Office. These forms are available from the Student Records Office. NOTE: International students on F-1 visas should contact the Student Records Office and the International Student Services Manager prior to dropping courses or withdrawing from classes.

 Refunds due to a student as a result of dropping courses will be automatically calculated and mailed to the student’s last known address or to the agency paying the fees within approximately three to four weeks from the date of the drop with the exceptions listed in part IV below.

IV. Federal Financial Aid Recipients

 Students who do not attend class(es) will need to officially drop within the appropriate refund period. Students who receive federal financial aid will earn the entire award after 60 percent of the term has been completed.

Partial Withdrawals

A credit balance for tuition refunds to federal financial aid recipients will not be issued until the student completes 60 percent of the term. Students receiving federal financial aid who withdraw from a course before this time will not receive a refund for that course.

Complete Withdrawals

Any student who completely withdraws from all classes in a term prior to completing 60 percent of the term will owe a portion of tuition and fees to the college based on the length of time the student was enrolled. Immediate repayment may be required.

A student may also owe the federal government a portion of the federal funds disbursed. Immediate repayment may be required.

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