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Dr. Ronald L. Rhames

Midlands Technical College has made a comprehensive, college-wide, change in our approach. We are beginning with the end in mind. At MTC, we have made it a priority to help students see themselves in the career that best suits them, show them the path to get there, and support them on that path until graduation.

MTC’s new guided pathways approach is a fundamental change in college culture that enables our students to finish faster than ever before. Our graduates can then start working for the Midlands employers who so desperately need highly trained, meticulously educated employees. And, our students who plan to transfer after graduation from MTC are able to continue their career education plans much sooner. It’s a student-first approach, with the end goal always at the top-of-mind.

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Two pictures:  First of a student using a drill press; second of a day care worker playing with a child

Guiding Students Into Career Pathways

MTC’s Schools of Study and program pathways guide students toward in-demand careers with solid earning potentials necessary to provide for their families and livelihoods.

For the month of August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported almost 153,000 South Carolinians were unemployed. For that same month, the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce reported 120,395 open jobs. To connect unemployed people to jobs, the missing pieces often involve training and education. Learn how MTC’s new guided pathways approach is delivering students directly into the workforce pipeline.

Student using a computer

Finding the Right Fit

Nearly 3 of 4 students entering college don't know what they want to study. Changing majors costs students extra money and time – time they could be in the workplace earning a living. Read how MTC created a way to help students find the right career fit from the beginning.

Two pictures: First CNC shop floor; second of Doug Burch

100% of MTC Class Finds Employment in Just Weeks

Within weeks of graduating from the CNC program, 100 percent of the Midlands Technical College graduates successfully have found employment. Read how this class of students stayed on track to meet their goals of finding new careers despite the unforeseen circumstances.

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Total tuition and fees (most current data available as of August 2018). Source: U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings and "IPEDS Student Financial Aid Component Overview Public Academic Reporters."