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The SES team is available to assist students and alumni with job search guidance and career readiness resources. Career and professional development are essential for overall success in the workplace. From resume critiques, interview practicing, job search strategies and assistance, and experiential learning, we are here to provide the tools and resources for you to excel.

Employment Opportunities for Students and Alumni

Students and alumni can search for various open positions (internships, co-ops, full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.), upload their resumes or portfolios, and apply to jobs online. Also available are Podcasts, Videos, Career & Job Search Documents and Articles.


Employer Services

Want to post the newest jobs openings or search through resumes for possible interview candidates? Register to use our Student and Alumni Online Career Management system for 24/7 access to a job-posting platform and resume database. Site usage is FREE for employers.


Read more about hosting internships and cooperative education opportunities in our  Employer Guide.

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Job Search Strategies (Workshops / Videos)

Test your skills with our job skills playlist, a collection of videos showcasing the many aspects of the job search process. Watch the video.

Disability Resources

Employment Resources for Students with Disabilities
Disability Issues for Employers

Internships for Students

There are hundreds of internship openings across the nation and beyond. Most of these opportunities are highly competitive and offer a variety of workplace experiences. Student Employment Services can help you navigate the process of landing an internship.


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Resources and Links

Remote Work

Remote Job Boards and Networking

The 18 Best Remote Job Boards & Job Sites

Google Job Board and Resources

Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA) Professional Networking

Succeeding in a Remote Work Environment

How to Maximize Your Career Development During COVID-19

COVID-19: Job Market Insights & Job Search Strategies From Experts

Preparing for a Virtual Job Interview

How do you continue a job search during a pandemic?

How to Find (and Land!) a Remote Job That’s Right for You

How to Find and Get Hired for a Remote Job

Career Advice: Getting the Best Online Remote Job for College Students

Barriers: Overcoming Less Than Desirable Backgrounds

Finding employment in a highly competitive job market is not an easy task. It takes initiative, patience, perseverance, and plenty of preparation. Researching careers, businesses and industries, salaries, job outlook, and employer needs are just a few of the essentials. Matching your skills to the job desired is your target.

However, there are many obstacles for some job seekers that can further complicate their job search. With that in mind, this website is designed to aid those individuals with less-than-desirable backgrounds. Whether it is an ex-offender, someone with bad credit, a perceived job hopper, or an individual who has been fired, these resources should be of assistance. This site is designed to enlighten the readers about “barrier” resources that are available and to encourage them in the job search process. Finding a job with a “checkered” past is not easy, but there is hope.


Job Search Help for Ex-Offenders

Criminal Record Holding You Back? Learn How to Overcome These Obstacles

Ten Critical Steps for Ex-Offenders to Get Back Into the Workforce

Background Check: Employment

How to Fill Out Applications With a Criminal Record

Resume Help: Employment Gaps

Resume Tips for Ex-Offenders

How to Handle Criminal Convictions in an Interview

Ex-Offender Interview Tips

Other Related Links

National Hire Network

Privacy Rights Clearing House

Fifth Judicial Circuit Solicitor's Office

SC Department of Employment and Workforce

SC Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services

US Department of Justice

Faith-Based Organizations

Prison Fellowship Ministry

The Oliver Gospel Mission

Non-Profit Organizations

Alston Wilkes Society

Goodwill Industries International

Job Hoppers

3 Tips to Turn Job Hopping Into a Positive

How Job Hopping Can Hurt Your Career

Job Search Tips: How to Address Job Hopping on the Resume

Resume Dilemma: Employment Gaps and Job Hopping

Answering Interview Questions about Frequent Job Changes

Overcoming a Job Hopping Image in Your Resume

The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

Being Fired

You're Fired: How to Handle a Termination

How to Get a Job After You Have Been Fired

5 Tips for Getting a Job After You've Been Fired

How to Handle Looking For New Employment After Being Fired

Job Interview Answer: Why Were You Fired?

Job Interview Answer: What Have You Been Doing Since Your Last Job?

Bad Credit

4 Tips For Getting a Job with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Can Cost You a Job

How Bad Credit Can Affect Job Prospects

How to Land a Job Despite Bad Credit

Handling a Credit Issue in Your Job Search  

Employment Background Checks

Career Planning and Trends

Career planning can be confusing. Where do I start? How do I choose a major? How much education do I need? What is the job outlook? The links below are designed to assist the job seeker in exploring these issues. Whether exploring a variety of majors, salary ranges, current trends, or the economic outlook, these sites will better prepare the user in planning for a career.

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Occupational Outlook Handbook

Job Boards

Job boards give the candidate easy access to an unlimited number of career opportunities. For your convenience, this site showcases local, state, national, and even global search engines. These include government agencies, private business/industry sites, non-profit organizations, staffing agencies, and so much more. The possibilities are unlimited! Check out these valuable resources.

Global Websites

Air Force Acquisition Civilian Careers International

Go Global

iHipo International Careers

Indeed International

OverseasJobs Australia

SimplyHired International Jobs

Trovit International

National Listings

In today's global market, we have access to dynamic and viable career opportunities around the world. Numerous electronic job boards have been added to expand your career or job search. With the sheer number and variety of "boards" accessible today, the search process is made much easier.




LinkedIn Jobs

Simply Hired  

SnagAJob.Com Inc


Federal Government Sites

Air Force Civilian Jobs

Army Civilian Jobs

Center for Disease Control

Defense Information Systems Agency

Department of Agriculture

Department of Homeland Defense

Department of Interior

Department of Justice

Environmental Protection Agency


Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Emergency Management

General Services Administration

Health & Human Services

Internal Revenue Service

Office of Personnel Management

Social Security Administration

State Department

USAJOBS for Students & Recent Graduates

US Coast Guard Civilian Jobs

US Intelligence Community

USAJOBS (US Government Jobs)

South Carolina Listings

The economy is changing and the marketplace is competitive. Employers desire candidates that are both, highly skilled and possess “soft skills”. Matching the skills to the job is the key. The job search has become much easier with access to the numerous resources available. The South Carolina job boards listed below will be an asset to your search. There are all kinds of opportunities including city, county, and state jobs. Search by type of job or location. The resources are expansive.

General Sites

Together SC

SC Department of Employment and Workforce


State/Local Government Sites

Aiken County Sheriff

Charleston County

City of Columbia

Lexington County

Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission

Lexington Police Dept.

Lexington County Sheriff

Richland County

Richland County School District One


SC Department of Mental Health

SC Department of Motor Vehicles

SC Department of Public Safety

SC Department of Revenue

SC Department of Transportation

SC State Government

SC Highway Patrol

USC Human Resources

Staffing Agency Websites

Staffing agencies may hire for part-time, full-time, seasonal, or permanent positions, however, they recruit for other companies or organizations. Working with these agencies can be a good way for students to explore a variety of jobs and opportunities while in college, as well as, after graduation. They gain access to all types of businesses and industries and have the opportunity to work in environments they may have never considered. In addition, working for a staffing agency can help the candidate gain experience and skills while maintaining a flexible work schedule.

For your convenience, numerous staffing sites are listed below. Student Employment Services cannot ensure the quality of the third-party recruiter, the contracting employer, or the job opportunity. Students and alumni are advised to use wisdom in pursuing these opportunities. Specifically, we advise that you:

1. Ask questions about the fee structure for job referrals. (If applicable.) SES recommends that students never pay a fee to secure a job with a third-party recruiter.

2. Read carefully any contract you are requested to sign. If you are unsure about the contract, seek legal advice.

3. Ask to be referred only to the job advertised. Insist that the agency not release your name to any company/agency without your prior permission.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about the employment practices of the third-party agency or the primary employer, please advise Student Employment Services at once!

Student Employment Services (SES) at Midlands Technical College (MTC) and all employers they represent are expected to abide by the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

General Sites


AppleOne Employment Services

Carolina Legal Associates

DP Professionals

Find Great People

Gallman Personnel Services

Kelly Services

MAU Workforce Solutions

Office Team Staffing

Randstad North America

Recruiting Solutions

Snelling Staffing Services


Staffing Solutions

Healthcare Sites


Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Interim Healthcare

MedFirst Staffing

Accounting Sites

Account Source

Industrial/Manufacturing Sites

Aerotek, Inc


Job Hunting

Regardless of the economic times, there are basic fundamentals to an effective job search. Student Employment Services has provided a variety of resources to help the user enhance the process. The links below include tips on job searching from A to Z. Whether preparing for the first job search or seeking advancement, the student can utilize the links below to research employers, assess moving and relocation fees, target the search to a specific industry or strategically market themselves. These informative sites can be very helpful to any job seeker.

10 Myths About Job Searching

Annual Reports

Better Business Bureau

Career Decision Pyramid

Company Research

How To Market Yourself In Today’s Economy

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary & Profile To Get Jobs

Job Search Advice – Company Profiles

Richland Library

Resumes / Cover Letters / Etc.

What type of resume should I write? How do I post my resume online? Do I really need a cover letter? How do I choose a reference? Getting the job you want takes planning. Whether you are just beginning a career search or pursuing an advanced-level position, you will find these sites helpful. They include resume samples, cover letter formats, business letters, and more. Sharpen your skills with these tools.


Best Skills to Put on Your Resume

Chegg Resumes

Complete Guide to Writing a Student Resume

Five Steps for Updating Your Resume

5 Tips To Choose Your Best Job Reference

How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Post Your Resume Online?

How to Write a Resume Objective Statement Job Search Aid

6 Tips on How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description

The Most Wanted Skills on a Resume in 2019

Top Resume Writing Tips

Why I Tossed Your Resume

Writing a Resume When You Have No Experience

Cover Letters

Chegg Cover Letters

Creating A Killer Cover Letter

Employers Give Tips on How to Write a Great Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter Guide


Five Steps to Apply for a Federal Job

5 Tips To Choose Your Best Job Reference

Job Tips for 50+ Workers

Sample Networking Letter--Requesting a Meeting

The Networking Letter

Soft Skills and the Workplace

What Are Soft Skills?

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills
Soft Skills are Hard to Assess. And Even Harder to Succeed Without

How Do We Develop Soft Skills?

How to Develop Soft Skills
How to Improve Soft Skills
The Most Important Soft Skills Employers Seek

Why Do Soft Skills Matter?

Why Soft Skills Matter
Develop Your Soft Skills for Workplace Success
10 Skills Everyone Needs to Thrive in Today’s Job Market
The Soft Skills Managers Want

Soft Skills and the Job Search

Five Soft Skills to Showcase in an Interview

The Interview

You have gotten the call. The interview is set. Are you ready? Can you identify the skills needed for the job? Are you a good match? Researching the employer, dressing for success, asking good questions, and relating transferrable skills, are all necessary for success. Polish your skills or develop new ones by checking out the resources below!


6 Ways New Grads Can Stand Out in an Interview

15 Common Interview Questions and Answers (for New Grads)

Best Preparation Tips for Interviews

Chegg Interview Prep

Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

Dressing for Success

How to Ace the Phone Interview

How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Strength and Weakness” Interview Question

How to Prepare for the Second Interview

Interview Questions and Answers

Job Interview Tips and Advice


Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

How to Behave in Behavioral Interviews

Situational Interview Questions

STAR Method for Acing Behavioral Interview Questions

After the Interview / Follow-Up

After the Interview: Four Ways to Follow Up

How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

How to Write a Thank You Note that Gets You the Job

Job Interview Follow-Up Thank You Letter / Email

Veteran Employment Resources

Veterans are America's foundation. With multiple deployments, retirements, and huge defense cuts, veterans are entering the workforce in record numbers. They bring with them valuable skills, accomplishments, and much-needed experience. Seeking employment in the civilian world can be challenging. Many veterans choose to enter the federal workforce and that can be a daunting task as well. Whether writing a resume, converting military terms to civilian terms, or learning the best places to work, the veteran will want to check out these valuable resources.

Career Planning

7 Secrets for Successful Military Career Transitions

Career One Stop: Explore Careers

Easing Veterans' Job Plight

Federal Jobs by Major

Feds Hire Vets

US Department of Labor – Veterans' Employment and Training Service

Veterans in Healthcare

Veteran Jobs Mission

Job Search

Career One Stop: Resumes + Interviews


G.I. Jobs: Career Tips

G.I. Jobs: Resume 

Military Skills Translator

Military-to-Civilian Occupation Translator

Military to Civilian Resume: How to Use Your Military Experience 

Related Veterans' Issues

Careers and Employment

Center for Veterans Issues

Employment Programs - Homeless Veterans

National Resource Directory

Returning Service Members

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Face Hurdles Returning to the Workforce

Wage and Salary Information

Wage, salary, and benefits packages can make your head spin. In today’s market, there is so much to consider. The links below will aid the job seeker in discovering salary ranges by occupation. These sites can be viewed by location, category, or job title. Tips on salary negotiation, compensation, money management, and trends are also included. Know what you are worth and know the market!

Bureau of Labor Statistics

CareerBliss Salaries Salary

GlassDoor Salaries

Good Calculators - US Salary

Indeed Salary Search

LinkedIn Salary

Monster Salary Search

PayScale Salaries

Simply Hired Salaries