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Admission Testing

Applicants are admitted to Midlands Technical College based on successful previous college coursework, SAT scores, ACT scores, Multiple Measures Exemption Criteria, including high school GPA, or Midlands Technical College Placement Test reading score. Other admission tests and criteria may be required for admission to specific academic programs. These special requirements are outlined in the Academic Program section of the catalog.

Placement Testing

Applicants for curriculum programs must be tested for course placement unless exempted. Exemptions are granted if one of the following criteria is met:

  1. the applicant has earned a grade of “C” or better in appropriate college-level English and mathematics courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university;
  2. the applicant has earned advanced placement credit for English and mathematics on CLEP and/or AP exams that are recognized by the college;
  3. the applicant has met one of Midlands Technical College’s Multiple Measures placement exemption criteria. A complete list of exemption criteria may be found on the Admissions website.
  4. the applicant has taken the Midlands Technical College Placement Test within the previous three years;
  5. the applicant plans to enter certain certificate programs that do not require placement testing;
  6. the applicant has earned a two-year degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university (this exemption may not apply to some academic programs); or
  7. the applicant is not pursuing an academic award and desires to be admitted to take a specific course(s) under the Career Development status. The applicant must have met course prerequisites. English and mathematics courses, or courses with English and mathematics prerequisites, require demonstrated proficiency in English and mathematics skills and may require testing if acceptable prerequisite courses have not been completed. Students not pursuing degrees, diplomas or certificates are limited to 18 semester hours in Career Development status, unless this limit is waived by the academic department chair.

Students with documented disabilities may request special placement testing accommodations to ensure optimum performance on assessment. To arrange special placement testing, students should contact Counseling and Career Services.

The Midlands Technical College Placement Test consists of questions that address the applicant’s career goals and commitment to program choice. The main emphasis of the placement test, however, focuses on helping students make sound educational decisions. Unless exempted, applicants are required to take a reading comprehension test and a basic mathematics and algebra skills test. Depending on the applicant’s ability level as indicated by placement test scores, the applicant will be:

  1. placed in entry-level courses in the chosen program of study;
  2. placed in developmental courses;
  3. placed concurrently in developmental courses and a program of study; or
  4. referred to an outside agency for assistance.

Reading scores will determine whether applicants will be admitted into the college and into which courses they will be placed. The reading scores will determine placement into levels of English as well as eligibility for some other courses. Mathematics scores determine placement into sequential levels of developmental and curriculum mathematics courses. Applicants who do not meet minimum program entrance criteria in one or more of the basic skill areas will be required to satisfactorily complete the respective developmental course(s) before taking related courses in their chosen program.

Placement Testing for Foreign Languages

Students planning to enroll in foreign language courses should be asked specific questions by their advisor to determine if they must take a placement exam for the appropriate course level of enrollment. If the advisor determines that the student must take the placement exam, the student should then contact the Testing Office to schedule a foreign language placement exam. The student must enroll in the level determined by the placement exam.

Placement Testing for Financial Aid Eligibility

New students who do not have a high school diploma, or an equivalent such as a GED, and who did not complete secondary school in a homeschool setting are not eligible for Title IV funds. Such students can no longer become eligible by passing an approved “ability to benefit” test or by satisfactorily completing at least six credit hours or 225 clock hours of college work that is applicable to a degree or certificate offered by the student’s postsecondary institution.

However, students who were enrolled in an eligible educational program of study prior to July 1, 2012 may continue to be eligible for Title IV assistance under either the Ability to Benefit Test or credit hour standards. Students meeting these criteria should contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

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