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Tuition and Fees 

Midlands Technical College offers one of the most economical opportunities for post-secondary education in South Carolina. Tuition and fees are set by the Midlands Technical College Commission within guidelines established by the South Carolina State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education. Tuition and fees are subject to change, by board action, without notice. Please reference the MTC webpage on “Tuition and Fees” for the current amounts.


Tuition is set on a sliding scale based upon the student’s legal residence as defined in the Code of Laws of South Carolina, guidelines promulgated by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the Midlands Technical College Commission. Those students who live in Richland and Lexington counties pay the lowest fees because a portion of their tax dollars funds the college. Other students from South Carolina pay a lower fee than out-of-state students because the college derives part of its support from state revenues. The college sets special tuition rates for military members and their dependents and for students from Fairfield County, depending on location and current county funding. Senior citizens may be eligible for tuition exemption provided they meet eligibility guidelines and courses are taken on a space-available basis.

Student Fees

An application fee is charged to all students applying to the college. An enrollment fee is charged to all first-time students enrolling in the college. A student fee is assessed each semester to each student. A late registration fee is assessed to students who register after the end of fee payment deadline for each designated term. Fees are nonrefundable.

Those students who fail to pay their fees during regular registration periods and are processed after this period will be assessed a nonrefundable fee for late registration.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students are expected to meet all financial obligations when due. Accounts in excess of 90 days past due will be processed through the college’s collection procedures. Should these collection efforts fail, the balance due will then be submitted to the SC Department of Revenue for the tax refund Setoff Debt and GEAR programs. Any collection cost and charges, along with all attorneys’ fees necessary for the collection of any debt to the college, may be charged to and paid by the debtor. Students must satisfy all financial obligations to the college in order to register for future semesters and to receive college transcripts.

Payment will be required if a student does not attend class(es) and does not officially withdraw. If payment is not received, students will be billed for classes and the debt will be processed through the college’s collection procedures.

International Student Escrow Deposit

International students accepted for admission will be required to deposit a sum equal to two semesters’ tuition and fees with the college’s Finance Office in an escrow account before being issued an I-2OP.

International student course fees/tuition assessed at registration may be applied against the student’s escrow account.

Refunds from the escrow accounts of international students will not be made without the advance approval of the International Admissions Coordinator or the Director of Admissions.

Should an international student transfer to another college under approved Immigration and Naturalization Service procedures or return to his/her home country with no intention of returning to the college, the balance of the escrow account may be refunded to the student upon written request by the student and approval by the International Student Services Manager or the Director of Admissions.

Method of Payment

Tuition and fees can be paid by cash, check, money order, MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. A service fee will be applied to all card transactions used to pay tuition and fees. A $30 handling fee will be charged for dishonored checks. When a check is returned to the college the second time for insufficient funds, account closed, or stop payment, collection procedures will be implemented. Any or all of the above may result in the student being placed on a cash-only status, meaning checks will no longer be accepted as payment.

A student choosing to pay by any means other than cash must show positive identification.

Payments may be made online at MIDLANDSTECH.EDU through MyMTC, by mail, or in person at any Cashier’s Office.

Students may use the tuition management plan offered through Nelnet. Details may be obtained by selecting the Nelnet payment plan options online at MIDLANDSTECH.EDU through MyMTC.


An employer or other organization may have a sponsorship program to pay directly to Midlands Technical College a portion or all of student tuition, fees and/or books. 43 To ensure that classes are not deleted, submission of proper documentation to the Accounts Receivable Department (Reed Hall, Airport Campus), or the nearest Cashier’s Office must be made at least five business days before the end of fee payment for each semester/term. Bookstore charge allowances will be processed within three business days from receipt of documentation.


The cost of books varies among courses. The Bookstore staff will provide assistance in identifying the books needed and the price for those books. Textbook and price information can also be accessed on the college course search website: MIDLANDSTECH. EDU.

Additional Costs

There are additional costs for equipment for some programs such as tool kits for Automotive students, calculators for Engineering Technology students and uniforms and supplies for students in Nursing, Health Sciences and Industrial Technology programs. Information regarding additional costs for these programs and others may be requested through an Admissions Counselor, the appropriate academic department or the Bookstore. In most cases, these items are available in the bookstores. Some of these costs are described in the sections of this catalog associated with curriculum programs.

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