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Employment Services for Students

The Student Employment Services (SES) department serves all students and alumni of Midlands Technical College. Numerous employment opportunities are listed on the SES website daily. In addition, many positions are easily accessible through job boards, company sites, and search engines. These resources and others can be found at

The SES Staff is available to assist with student and alumni employability preparedness and career readiness.  From resume critiques, interview practicing, and job search strategies and assistance, SES is here to provide the tools and resources necessary to be successful in today's job market.

Additional Resources include:

  • Cooperative Education/Internship Opportunities
  • Special Events (Career Days and Expos / Virtual Fairs / On-Campus Recruiting)
  • Online and Virtual Workshops / In-Class Workshops / Videos and Podcasts
  • Barriers to Employment
  • Disability Issues / Veterans
  • Social Media / News Flash (Website Alerts of Major Recruiting Events)

These services can assist students in their efforts to define employment objectives, explore labor-market trends and research employers to determine compatibility. Whether writing a cover letter, preparing for an interview, or negotiating a salary, these resources will be a valuable asset.  For more information, students should contact Student Employment Services or check out the SES website at

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is an integration of academic study and career-related work experience. It allows the student an opportunity to test career choices, gain work experience and even earn money as part of a college degree. Cooperative educational experiences are available in approved degree programs. Curriculum credit students must meet departmental criteria and enroll in a cooperative work experience course. For more information, students should contact Student Employment Services, or visit the Student Employment Services website at


An internship is a partnership between the student and a local employer that benefits both parties. The student can gain real world experience in their field of study while utilizing classroom knowledge. The employer can supplement their workforce with good employees and evaluate potential full-time hires at the same time. All internships should be paid and provide meaningful work experiences. Local employers often list internships with the college. SES has developed many tools to assist students in their search for internships. These include internship search engines, listings of companies
with internship programs and tips for success. For more information, contact Student Employment Services at

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