QuickJobs are training programs for jobs where workers will be in high demand in South Carolina over the next decade. You must attend a QuickJobs Information Session to qualify for a program. Click here to see the current list of QuickJobs programs currently available. 

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The Jobs Gap

The job market for technically educated, well-trained employees is growing rapidly. Between now and the year 2022, it’s estimated that 82% of all job openings in South Carolina will require a two-year education or a specialized certificate or training.

QuickJobs programs can help prepare you for these lucrative jobs.

You do not need prior experience in a field; QuickJobs programs are designed to provide intensive and complete job training. Most programs take just a few months to complete, and some can be finished in a matter of weeks. Compare program timeframes, cost, and average career earnings with our QuickJobs Reference Sheet.

Scholarships & Financing

Payment Plans and Loans
Financial aid is available to training students.

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