Pre-Medical Laboratory Technology


About the Program

The Pre-Medical Laboratory Technology Certificate is Phase I of the two-phase Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Associate Degree program and consists of the 30 hours of general education courses required for the Medical Laboratory Technology curriculum.

(Hint) For information on completing Phase II to earn the Medical Laboratory Technology Associate Degree, click here

General education courses for students in the Health Sciences and Nursing Pre-Programs Certificates are available for students in classrooms and laboratories on both the Airport and Beltline Campuses. Allied Health Science courses with a laboratory component are taught only on the Airport Campus in the Health Sciences Building and Lexington Hall. There are no required externships/internships for this program.

Special Requirements

  • Students must meet college admission and testing requirements.
  • A minimum grade of “C” must be attained in all Pre-Medical Laboratory Technology curriculum courses with minimum grade point of 2.0 to receive the certificate.
  • No Science or Math course may be repeated more than one time and no more than 2 courses may be repeated to be eligible for progression into the Medical Laboratory Technology Program.


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