This program will give you the skills to enter the field as an assistant working at TV stations, or small production firms. Some videographers will go into business for themselves. In less than a month you will learn lighting, basic equipment, settings, audio, composition, reels, and customer relations. Videographer earnings in South Carolina start at $26.00 per hour. See the online materials list for equipment requirements.  

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Intro to Videography


Intro to Videography is designed to provide a new videographer with the basic tools to enter the field as an assistant, or to generate some small projects from which an individual can build and grow. The course covers video and audio equipment, lighting, composition and framing, editing, client services and relationships, production planning, reels, and posting online. See the online materials list for equipment requirements.

  • Total Hours: 18.00
  • CEUs: 1.80
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