About the Program

Students in the Undecided program have as their primary objective graduation from one of the programs offered at Midlands Technical College. To help students determine which college track to enter, IDS 102, which stresses personal and career assessment, is recommended. Students who know they want a bachelor’s degree but are undecided about what their four-year major will be should enroll in the Associate in Arts program.

Students entering the Undecided program are advised by Counseling and Career Services. The counselors provide seminars, individual counseling, interest inventories and other methods to help undecided students determine which programs at Midlands Technical College best suit their interests and objectives. Counselors continue to advise each undecided student until the student selects a major, which must be done upon the completion of 12 curriculum semester hours.

Courses frequently recommended to undecided students include those designed to improve study skills, those required by most degree majors and/or those that introduce students to fields in which they show interest. Students may select from the following courses if they are not required to take any Developmental Studies (DVS) courses or after they have completed needed prerequisite DVS courses.

Courses Required by Most Majors

ENG 101 English Composition I
PSY 201 General Psychology

Courses That Improve Students' Academic Survival Skills

COL 103 College Skills
COL 104 Study Skills
COL 105 Freshman Seminar
COL 109 Advanced Academic Skills
HSS 100 Cultural Contexts
IDS 102 Personal/Career Assessment

Courses That Introduce Students to Majors

ACC 101 Accounting Principles I
AHS 119 Health Careers
BAF 101 Personal Finance
BUS 101 Introduction to Business
CGC 101 Introduction to Graphics Techniques
CPT 101 Introduction to Computers
CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
ECD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood
EET 101 Basic Electronics
HUS 102 Introduction to Human Services
MGT 101 Principles of Management
MKT 101 Marketing
MTT 101 Introduction to Machine Tool
AOT 105 Keyboarding

Approved Humanities Courses

The following courses satisfy the humanities requirement of the general education core at Midlands Technical College, and any may be selected as an “approved humanities course" in degree programs.

ART 101 Art History and Appreciation
ART 105 Film as Art
ART 107 History of Early Western Art
ART 108 History of Western Art
ENG 203 American Literature Survey
ENG 205 English Literature I
ENG 206 English Literature II
ENG 207 Literature for Children
ENG 208 World Literature I
ENG 209 World Literature II
ENG 210 Asian Literature
ENG 211 Introduction to African Literature
ENG 212 Latin American Literature
ENG 214 Fiction
ENG 218 Drama
ENG 222 Poetry
ENG 230 Women in Literature
ENG 234 Survey in Minority Literature
ENG 236 African-American Literature
HIS 101 Western Civilization to 1689
HIS 102 Western Civilization post 1689
HIS 104 World History I
HIS 105 World History II
HIS 106 Introduction to African History
HIS 107 Introduction to Middle East
HIS 108 Introduction to East Asian Civilization
HIS 109 Introduction to Latin American Civilization
HIS 113 Native American History
HIS 131 Afro-American History since 1877
HIS 201 American History: Discovery to 1877
HIS 202 American History: 1877 to Present
HIS 220 American Studies I
HIS 221 American Studies II
HIS 230 The American Civil War
HIS 235 American Military History
MUS 105 Music Appreciation
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 115 Contemporary Moral Issues
REL 101 Introduction to Religion
REL 102 Introduction to Biblical Studies
REL 103 Comparative Religion
THE 101 Introduction to Theatre

Approved Social and Behavioral Science Courses

The following courses may be used to fulfill the requirement for an “approved social and behavioral science course” in any degree program at Midlands Technical College.

ANT 202 Cultural Anthropology
ECO 210 Macroeconomics
GEO 102 World Geography
PSC 201 American Government
PSC 205 Politics and Government
PSC 220 Introduction to International Relations
PSY 201 General Psychology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 205 Social Problems