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Join MTC for the first-ever showcase about how Schools of Study can Transform your Tomorrow.

April 26 - 30

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Showcasing the college's customized pathways that transform tomorrows.

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February 8 - 12

School of Health Care

Showcasing the college's pathways in Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Patient Care, Emergency Medicine, Imaging, and more.

Health Care Week Events

March 15 - 19

School of STEM

Showcasing the pathways in Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Math, Computers, and more.

STEM Week Events


March 22 - 26

School of Business

Showcasing the college's pathways in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Event Planning, Customer Service, and more.

Business Week Events

March 29 - April 2

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Showcasing the college's pathways in Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

SBS Week Events

April 5 - 9

School of Advanced Manufacturing and Skilled Trades

Showcasing the college's pathways in Automotive, Construction, Commercial Graphics, Machining, Electrical, HVAC, Landscaping, Mechatronics, Welding, and more.

AMST Week's Events

April 12 - 16

English and Humanities

Showcasing the college's pathways in Art, English, History, Writing, Photography and Videography, and more.

English and Humanities Week Events

April 19 - 23

School of Education and Public Service

Showcasing the college's pathways in Criminal Justice, Teaching, Paralegal, Career Development, and Human Services.

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