MTC to Columbia College

MTC students have transferred to Columbia College for many years. The MTC-Columbia College Bridge Program will allow MTC students who complete a “Columbia College Intent to Enroll Application” to be assigned a Columbia College ID number. A Columbia College Bridge Coordinator will then contact them to provide guidance during enrollment at MTC and facilitate their transfer to Columbia College by assisting them with admission and enrollment processes at Columbia College. Students who submit the “Columbia College Intent to Enroll Application” will have three years to start classes under the Columbia College academic catalog from the year in which this application is filed. This process will help students avoid loss of credits if Columbia College program requirements change while they are in attendance at MTC. In addition, students can follow the Columbia College course recommendations on the Columbia College Bridge website to ensure that they receive maximum transfer credit at Columbia College.

Women can enroll in the Women’s Transfer Day Program and have the opportunity to apply for transfer scholarships. Both women and men can enroll in the Columbia College Evening Program with other non-traditional adult students. Every student in the Evening Program receives discounted tuition.

Students who enroll at Columbia College will have an opportunity to sign a transcript release form to allow Columbia College transcripts to be sent to MTC at the end of each semester until requirements for the MTC Associate Degree are completed. This process allows students to complete an associate degree en route to the baccalaureate degree if the associate degree is not complete prior to transferring. MTC residency requirements must be met prior to transferring to Columbia College, if the student chooses this option.

While at MTC, Columbia College Bridge students will receive information on admissions, financial aid, scholarships and support programs at Columbia College. In addition, Columbia College will invite the MTC-CC Bridge Students to special events on the Columbia College Campus and send them helpful Columbia College information.

If you are interested in being considered a MTC to Columbia College Bridge student, please fill out this Bridge Enrollment Form, scan it and return it to: MTC Bridge Coordinator, Permelia Luongo

Have Questions?

Contact MTC's Bridge Program Coordinator

Permelia Luongo
Beltline Campus, Wade Martin Building, Room 250

Contact Columbia College's Admissions Team

Capers, Aniysa