Dr. Rhames with BOOM students

Job Training that BOOMs

MTC continues defining new pathways for students to find employment while addressing critical workforce needs. High school students recently graduated from a collaborative job-training program at MTC called Building Occupational Opportunities in the Midlands (BOOM). I invite you to discover how the program is helping students with disabilities learn skills and become employed with local homebuilders.

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Adults Achieving Dreams

Serra Sizemore (center) with family

Many working adults find discovering a new career or advancing in their current career requires going back to school. Learn how MTC helped a mother of five balance responsibilities and achieve her dream.

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MTC Students have the Upper Hand

Picture of Anthony Orosz

Army veteran Anthony Orosz pursued his love of manufacturing at MTC where he obtained two certificates and an Associate Degree. He says MTC students have an advantage over others.

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Success Story

"One of the things that MTC helped me out with was giving me the schedule that allowed me to work and do school at the same time."

Ken Yamashiro

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Success Story

"Those scholarships changed my life. They allowed me to walk into my career and into my marriage debt free."

Catalina Fortner

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Success Story

"By the time I finished my internship, I had three job offers."

Ashlee Hayes

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"“The resources from being so close to a college are also unique. We've hired students from MTC. We had our assistant manufacturing manager take courses here. And, one of our managers used to teach at MTC.""

William E. Brewer

Bill Brewer, DPX Technologies, LLC

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"“MTC has prepared me for the future by providing me with a new perspective on life.”"

Ashley Ramirez

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"It's a wonderful place to attend, and you will meet a lot of people, and they are concerned about you. I enjoyed it so much I signed up to come back."

Annie Dillard

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On the Road with Myles

Myles' last visit in the community was to Cayce Elementary School for the school's Career Fair. You can also catch Myles in front of the Harbison Theatre before many HT@MTC productions.

See Myles in action.