The Real Deal

Message from the President

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At MTC, we tell our students, “You can get anywhere from here.” And sometimes, they need your help getting there. By contributing resources that fund scholarships and support programs, you can make a difference in the lives of our students and your community. Your contributions lead to more graduates who could become your dental hygienist, the technician who fixes your car, the nurse who cares for your family members, or the IT person who keeps your company’s data safe. I invite you to make a generous donation to MTC that will directly impact your quality of life and the lives of those around you.

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Real Prepared: Corporate Investments with MTC Build Talent Pipeline

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Businesses in the Midlands can take a cue from recent partnerships between MTC, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America that support the youth in our community. Read how companies are preparing for the future by giving funds to build a talent pipeline.

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Real Impact: Funds Donated to the MTC Foundation Positively Affect Student

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For many MTC students, scholarships play a vital role in their journey to attaining a great education. Here’s the story of just one of the more than 230 students helped by donors to the MTC Foundation.

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Real Stories

Jan Rivers, MTC Donor

What better way to honor my children than with scholarships in their name?

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Success Story

Ashlee Hayes

“By the time I finished my internship, I had three job offers.”

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Success Story

William E. Brewer

“The resources from being so close to a college are also unique. We've hired students from MTC.

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Success Story

Ashley Ramirez

“MTC has prepared me for the future by providing me with a new perspective on life.”

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Success Story

Mary Hook, Class of 1968

“As a dental hygienist, you feel like you are in a field that is doing some good for the world and you are helping people.”

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Success Story

Annie Dillard, 92-year old MTC Graduate

“It's a wonderful place to attend. I enjoyed it so much I signed up to come back.”

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