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Joseph Shenkar

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Assistant solicitor says MTC was the transformational point in his life

Joseph "Hilik" Shenkar, Midlands Technical College’s 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, received his Associate in Arts degree from Midlands Technical College in 2005 before going on to become Assistant Solicitor and Special Assistant United States Attorney. He said MTC provided the pivotal foundation to help him become successful in his career.

“Midlands Technical College is important for me because it represents the point in my life where I transitioned from the former me – the immigrant who came to the United States who was not educated – to the person I am today,” said Shenkar. “Goals were set a lot higher, and dreams were achieved a lot faster. This is why I appreciate the opportunity I had at MTC.

“There is no better opportunity for students than to start at Midlands Technical College.”

“You cannot be an attorney without being able to write and express yourself. Midlands Technical College recognized where I was at the time I started, put an emphasis on where I needed to be, and moved me along the way to a point where I could become successful in my career.

“Instead of transferring to the University of South Carolina after my first 30 hours at MTC, I liked it so much that I decided to stay for the complete Associate in Arts Degree at Midlands Technical College, and then I transferred to USC.

“Looking back, the English Department at MTC is definitely my hero department. I still maintain contact with some of them. I enjoyed my journey, and I think there are some really talented and fabulous people working as teachers at MTC.

“There is no better opportunity for students than to start at Midlands Technical College. The tuition is lower, the classes are smaller, and the teachers are great.

“I think for any person to be recognized, as a person of honor by the college he attended is a great accomplishment. I couldn’t be more be more grateful for the opportunity to serve Midlands Technical College as the Distinguished Alumni.

MTC is just a win-win opportunity for everyone.”

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