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“Technical colleges share plans for fall semester”

Jul 22, 2020

Journalist Julian Kauffman, WLTX News 19 Columbia

On Tuesday July 21, Columbia’s WLTX News 19 published “Technical colleges share plans for fall semester.”

Journalist Julia Kauffman reported on Midlands Tech, Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech and Central Carolina. The news article began:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Students get hands-on, real-world training at technical colleges. Now with COVID-19, these schools have to find new, creative ways to offer the same close-up learning experience.

Dr. Barrie Kirk, the provost at Midlands Technical College, says technology is helping them do that.

“We are using something called ‘point-of-view glasses’ so an instructor can do an experiment in a lab and inside their glasses there’s a little camera so the students can see exactly what a faculty member is doing and feel like they’re doing it themselves.”

Full report from WLTX News 19.