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Midlands Technical College Freezes Tuition through end of 2020

Jun 11, 2020

During a virtual town hall for students Thursday evening in Columbia, Midlands Technical College announced a tuition freeze. Prices in place for 2019-2020 will remain until at least the end of the year. 
“I am happy to announce that MTC is freezing tuition through the end of 2020,” MTC Provost Dr. Barrie Kirk told the students. “We know that many families have experienced financial setbacks brought on by the pandemic, and we want to help you stay on course and complete your degree in order to be well prepared for the opportunities ahead.”
When MTC campuses reopen fully to students in August, the college will offer a wide range of courses that are traditional on-campus classes, as well as virtual classes that meet at designated dates and times, and online classes that offer the flexibility of taking the course in a self-paced format at a time that suits individual schedules.   
“The pandemic shook South Carolina’s workforce in historic ways,” said MTC Commission Chair Margaret Holmes. “We feel it is necessary to do everything we can from an affordability and accessibility standpoint so that as many people as possible can receive the career-based learning necessary for a prosperous livelihood.”
Fall registration is open now at MTC for academic courses and corporate and continuing education classes.