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"Affordable education: SC technical colleges expect enrollment boost amid coronavirus"

Jul 16, 2020

MTC Campus Reopening

On July 16, 2020 Columbia's The State newspaper reported "Affordable education: SC technical colleges expect enrollment boost amid coronavirus."

Lucas Daprile called on Midlands Technical College President Dr. Ron Rhames in searching for insight into the impact of the global pandemic. An excerpt:

One of the advantages to getting a certificate or degree from a technical college right now is that many of the jobs they’re training students for — such as coding, nursing and engineering — pay well and will still be viable careers for years in the future, said Midlands Technical College President Ronald Rhames. “Even post-pandemic and post-recession, we will have a strong demand” for these jobs, Rhames told The State .... Midlands Tech has ramped up its “mini-terms” program that allows students more flexibility and a shorter semester length, something especially important for household breadwinners who have been laid off or have had their work hours cut, Rhames said.

Read more from The State. Members of the public, faculty and staff, as well as current and potential students can learn about how Midlands Technical College will welcome individuals back on campus this fall.